Structure Spam Nerf

  • Base Fuel costs / unfueled Structures are not dockable.
  • Quantum Core gives ONE rf timer. / No quantum Core = 0 RF timer… its free real estate.

Structure Spam solved.
You are welcome ccp.

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If you can’t dock in the structure with no fuel, you can’t fuel it, so it becomes useless lmao.


Fuel bay accesable from outside

Edit : lmao


They should auto self destruct when they run out of fuel.
3 day timer.
Like the cdc in the walking dead, season 1 I think.

Can’t afford to keep the lights on? All the mortals leave to find better living conditions, and to escape the ai comm spam of “self destruct in 71 hours and, 51 minutes and, 13 seconds. Please proceed to the nearest hangar bay for evacuation. As always, thank you for visiting (insert corp name) (insert structure type). Be well!”


Unironically this.

I agree it would be nice, but it’s a bit boring when things in EVE get automated when it could be a gameplay opportunity instead.

The abandoned citadel state also cleans up citadels in this way, but then generates content for players who find the unfueled citadel and shoot it for loot.

Structure spam was an issue before

  1. Unfueled structures turned abandoned and dropped loot and
  2. Quantum cores addressed the spam of cheap new citadels without extra stake

Structure spam has already been addressed twice in the last year, why do you believe it still is an issue?

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