Strurcures 3.0?

Dear All,

I have been following the Hard Knocks eviction with great interest. And now The Initiative used Citadel game mechanics in the way they should not work. Dropping tens of structures almost simultaneously makes defending against the bridgehead impossible. 15 min invul-timer for tens of structures in 24hrs just makes killing all of them practically impossible task even if they are not defended. Attacker needs only one citadel to be successfully anchored in order to have functional bridgehead.

I briefly discussed this matter with CCP Fozzie during EvE Vegas 2017. But now it seems that issue is more critical than before since the structure spam tactics has been used so successfully in a major operation.

Here is what I suggest:

Change the rules so that you cannot directly anchor larger structure. You can only anchor the smallest structure of the type. And the actual building is done by upgrading the existing structure to the next size. That will take time and resources. Reinforcing the structure to low power state will also pause the upgrade process until the timer has been successfully defended.

Should CCP bring the so called Bridgehead structure to the game this build up method works even better.

This would give EvE a better immersion of the really building and accomplishing something, compared just dropping a keepstar from freighter and showing up for 15 min in 24 hours later.

I challenge Devs, CSM and all you Fellow Capsuleers to brainstorm this base idea.



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