[Lifeblood] New Repair Cycle at Initial Structure Deployment


(CCP Fozzie) #1

Hey folks. As most of you know we are planning to release new Refinery structures in the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion on October 24th. These structures will be the new home for moon mining and reactions, as well as being bonused for refining.

We have been discussing these new structures and their mechanics with all of you in the EVE community for much of the year, including some excellent discussions at Fanfest and with the CSM. One concern that was raised both by Fanfest attendees and the CSM was the risk that current structure deployment mechanics might be abused to “block” the orbital moon mining locations by ninja-deploying a Refinery and forcing their opponents to wait 24hrs (or longer in the case of sovereign nullsec space) to interact with that structure. This is an issue that can apply to all Upwell structures at the moment, but it would be especially vulnerable to abuse with Refineries.

After our discussions with the CSM and the wider community we have decided to make a surgical adjustment to the flow when deploying Upwell structures. As of the Lifeblood release there will be a new 15 minute repair timer immediately after a structure is deployed. It will begin after the structure name, access profile, and vulnerability schedule is chosen but before the 24 hour anchoring period. The existing repair timer at the end of the 24 hour vulnerability period will remain in place.

This means the current flow of:

Drag structure into space -> Choose name, profile and vulnerability schedule -> 24hr anchoring -> 15 minute repair (vulnerable) -> Online

will become:

Drag structure into space -> Choose name, profile and vulnerability schedule -> 15 minute repair (vulnerable) -> 24hr anchoring -> 15 minute repair (vulnerable) -> Online

Important: I want to make it clear that we don’t consider this to be the only issue with Upwell structure vulnerability mechanics. We are aware of and agree with the frustrations many players are expressing with the general Upwell structure vulnerability mechanics being too heavily weighted towards defenders and not providing enough options for interaction in the attacker’s time zones. We absolutely intend to make changes to these areas in the future, and will be continuing the dialogue with the CSM and eventually with the wider playerbase.

The new initial deployment repair cycle will be on SISI in the next few days so you can all start trying it for yourself, and we are very interested in hearing what you all think.
-Team Five 0

(Tipa Riot) #2

Does this mean the structure will be online (invulnerable) only after 24h + 30 min after it first appears on dscan, 15min later than before?

(CCP Lebowski) #3

That’s correct

(Atlan Dallocort) #4

Nice to hear. I have another idea: give citas in k-space the w-space mechanics if they are not fueled. Or at least only two timers. That means ofc that citas always have a little fuel consume. It would help to reduce the cita spam.

(Arrendis) #5

So, just to understand this:

This change won’t affect any of the citadels already in place. So if, for example, someone wants to attack Delve, this doesn’t affect our citadels at all. On the other hand, if someone wants to attack Delve, and they want to drop a dozen staging astrahusen, they—the attackers—will be at a significant disadvantage compared to the current mechanics, as we—the defenders—will have 15m to drop a fleet of torpedo bombers on it and kill it. Is that correct?

(Lisa Nardieu) #6

there are two timers now, directly after anchoring and the normal one after it is online.

(Tipa Riot) #7

Sounds like a reasonable change in general … hopefully this will not finally break the neck of the indepentent trade hub owners in highsec, because of the additional 15min to discover and wardec.

(Rowells) #8

Will ships be able to tether or anything during the initial 15 minutes?

(Arrendis) #9

Can’t tether until it’s anchored, a full 24h after the initial 15m timer.

(Dracvlad) #10

I strongly advise to only do this with the Mediums, oh well talk about giving a huge advantage to existing…

The real clue was linking the initial timers to the defenders sov timers in null sec, but you missed that obvious one for some odd reason…

(Iowa Banshee) #11

I am so pleased there will be a reasonably priced structure for a low class wormholer to park their Rorquals and with the added bonus of the relative 2:1 cost of parking a Rorqual in a refinery being on par with the relative cost of building an Astrahus to park the Orca (1:1)

Now … Before the POS towers are finally phased out and the empty chimera in the POS shield is converted into a WH space coffin for the only toon in the wormhole who can fly it - What about making a reasonably priced garage for the carrier. Maybe a Standup Service mod that allows a dock where an empty ship can be anchored to the citadel.

I think its going to be a pain running around poco’s collecting Pi in a carrier because you don’t want to leave it pilot-less floating in space as the price point for a garage is aimed well above what small corps/solo players can afford. .

(Moac Tor) #12

The addition of a 15 minute vulnerability window at the beginning of the cycle will be giving an advantage to attackers in high sec as a structure will now have to remain undetected for 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes to ensure it is anchored safely.

Is the change to high sec mechanics intended?

It would be quite easy to introduce this without changing the way structures currently work in high sec if not.

(Timothyr Black) #13

wouldn’t mind seeing a 30min -> 24hrs -> 30 mins timer.

more time to form and chance on fights, we all like to pew and see explosions :smiley:

1 hr is nothing compared to a full day wait

(Prewarped) #14

Remove asset safety already and be done with it.

(Anna Habbott) #15

I’m not sure exactly what you want to achieve with this. Unless someone is sitting next to the person deploying the citadel, or someone is ninja dropping in your sov space, you are never going to spot and deal with a citadel within 15 minutes.

Even if you got notifications to say someone is putting a cita up in your sov system, the odds of you spotting it, forming a fleet, and getting to it in 15 minutes is fractional.

(Arrendis) #16

You don’t have to get ‘a fleet’ to it, you only need to get 3-4 torpedo bombers there (which is a much easier proposition) to pause the timer while the fleet gets organized.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #17

Will we be able to deploy ECs and Citadels at the Moon Drilling points on moons? I can see ppl totally abusing this.

(namyboy) #18

Well if it becomes a problem for them just add the timer for 0.0 Space ? The problem is that it will be troll used in 0.0 space so why does the timer need to exist in Empire ?

(Akira Kashada) #19

Now highsec corporations might actually have to defend their structures! How preposterous :thinking:

(namyboy) #20

You might have a point there but why do we have Citadels ? Yeah new key feature oh and whats gona happen to the existing one ? Right they will vanish someday thats the plan of CCP. So keep at mind any stuff you find now usefull might kill yourself later on. We are dealing whit CCP here, slow at chaning stuff bevore backround checking all data. We gona bleed long you know ?