Upwell structures v game mechanics

Upwell structures
The problem:
With the current game mechanics, you can anchor virtually any structure in any system in 0.0 without holding or occupying the system you put your structure up in. This has lead to some “structure-spamming” .

As sov holding entity, you should have more control of who can anchor structure in your space and the time zone they are vulnerable, via the Ihub. That is, if your space is uncontested.

However, if your system has been successfully reinforced, TCU and Ihub, anyone could then anchor structures in your space. If you as defender gain control again, any structure in system you hold should be vulnerable during time zone of your choosing.

And if people could keep the other issues with Upwell structures such as the damage cap, low-power structure (killing them), tethering, unlimited space, asset safety… out of the discussion, that would be great.

Flame away :slight_smile:


The one thing they really need to do to prevent structure spam in sov-null is to force any structure reinforcement/anchoring timer to be tied to the TZ of the ihub.

Clearing out structures being spammed in your sov isn’t really an issue. The issue is that we keep having to do that in the middle of the night, at a time the attacker chooses. There is a limit to how many times I can justify alarm clocking in at 3 AM on a weekday to clear out Raitaru/Astrahus spam.

The TZ settings of a citadel are mean to give the defender a chance to form up at a reasonable hour to defend. In the case of structures being deployed in sov null, I would argue that the defender is in fact the sov owner, not the structure owner, and the TZ advantage should be set accordingly.

If an attacker is determined to put down a structure during an invasion, or for some other hostile purpose, they would only have to alarm clock in once to achieve that. That’s a far more reasonable expectation than the current state of affairs.


Great idea, you have my like

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