Non-Sovereignty holder's structures should have amplified the vulnerability as a solution to time zone tanked grief structures

I have seen quite a few threads of discussion over grief structures being anchored with time zone tank enabled. Surely the sovereignty owner should be able to dictate who is allowed via an access list to anchor structures? And if you do not get permission, then your structure should be neutered to a degree (longer repair timer windows, elongated vulnerability windows, higher damage cap, etc)? Essentially no-permission = higher vulnerability.

This also could demarcate the benefits given to hostile structures due to the hostile structures gaining benefits from the sov-holders indexes. It makes little sense that a hostile structure should be given the benefits of system index activity of the sov holder.

This is an easy fix for this simple issue. It saves CCP having to create FoBs (like the NPC ones) as a solution for instance.

To summarize:

Primary sov owner has an access list of people allowed to anchor structures.
These permission given enable Upwell structures to operate as standard.
Non-sov holders without permission are given structures with amplified vulnerability (longer anchoring vulnerability, longer vulnerability windows, higher damage cap, etc)

This can all be tied into the Upwell System lore. As the non-sov structures have difficulty communicating, etc with the Upwell network due to the interference generated by the Sov owners structure network or such.


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