Deep safes and anchoring

I know the current limit for a warp-able bookmark is around 20 AU max in-system. However, FOB’s and certain other signatures are much farther out than that. If I were to find a FOB or similar signature, say 50 AU from the nearest celestial, could I then anchor a citadel there? I know that after downtime, bookmarks get moved back to the 20 AU boundary, but what about a citadel? Would I simply lose access to it? Or would it somehow magically warp itself to the 20 AU boundary?

Where did you come up with this 20AU number? Mine you, there are some systems that are like 150AU wide.
There are still true deep safes in existence, one idiot anchored a citadel at one.

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I was under the impression according to various articles that I’ve read that the ability to create deep safes was removed a very long time ago with the Tyrannis update.

You will no longer be able to create bookmarks outside this range. You will no longer be able to issue a “warp to” command to any location outside this range. You will no longer be able to open a cynosural field at any location outside this range.

We’re defining a “deep safe” for these purposes as any bookmark which is more than 10AU further from the local star than the furthest-out celestial object (planets or stargates). CCP Lemur CCP Greyscale

The answer to your question can be found on the test server.

Do let us know what you find out, please.

Something to remember, when any current structure is anchored, it can be seen in space and warped to, regardless of distance. So what use is anchoring a structure so far away? Might as well anchor it at the sun.

Just because a signature is 50AU from the nearest celestial does not mean that it lies outside the “20 AU” boundary you speak of. Think of it like this:
The “boundary” is a bubble, centered on the center of the system (sun), that is 20 AU larger than the maximum celestial distance from the sun.

AFAIK signatures do not spawn outside of the ‘boundary’ you are thinking about. If you have proof to the contrary I would be interested in seeing it.

The purpose is to make warping to the structure from a certain point (e.g. a gate) take a long(er) time.

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