Quality of Life - Remote Safe-Point Creation

When exploring wouldn’t it be nice to create a “bookmark” within the current system by entering coordinates into a menu? It seems reasonable that such a menu (in spherical coordinates) would look like:

Radius = xx AU
Theta = xx degrees (North Indicator would be 0 deg)
Phi = xx degrees

Using the system star as the center point of your grid.

To me it just feels “gimmicky” to be making midpoints between objects, points between points, etc.

Does anyone see issues with or would like this feature? I think EVE would be much more streamlined towards how players approach EVE.

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The current system rewards you for being in space doing things. Running sites or missions you get more options to make safes from.
You also have to be in space to make safes. Not do them from sitting docked in a station.
Both of these are important parts of Eve.

Allowing bookmarks emotely wouldn’t heavily impact this, but it would also raise the bar for third party app requirements since you would need to have an app to make all your perch bookmarks whenever you wanted to attack a structure and the like also.

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Nope. People would make deep safe bookmarks every system no worries, and that is dumb.

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Yes. If you are hunting a target and want to scan it down before it can logoff safely, this would make them nearly uncatchable.

Exactly this. They would only appear on Dscan if they want to and could be 150 AU or more away. The time your hunter would need to warp there might even be more than 30s within the target could have logged of safely already.

How often doe people scan down each other?
Quite a lot. Just yesterday we scanned down a Drecavak, that got left behind by his friends who were shooting people in our space. We started the hunt and scanned him down two times on his safe spots. But he played it smart and was aligned all the time. As soon as tackle landed, he warped off and waited for his timers to run out. Eventually, he was able to log off safely.
We would have had close to none chances to catch him if he would have been able to make a deep safe manually in a random direction of a few hundred AU.

It would also make it easier to infiltrate WH systems as you could make a safe before decloaking making it a lot harder to lock down a hole.

Improving quality of life often result some players to take less risk and be safer. This is a pvp game, with already too many prrotective mechanisms (tethering, etc). You want a safe bm? undock, fly in space, and take the risk to be caught

I think this could be a good idea as long as you are actually in the system that you’re trying to make a BM. Sitting safely in a station making a bunch of BM for areas I’ve never been would just be to easy, and nothing in this game is ‘to easy’.
It’s funny how people infer how they play is what the game is, without exception. There wouldn’t be mining, exploration, manufacturing, trade etc., if this was ONLY a pvp game.
Do some of you really think another person logs on thinking ‘how about I go out and see if someone starts hunting me through space and tries to kill me’. It seems their play style is more cat and mouse and what’s wrong if the mouse has a better way to avoid the cats.
But like I said to start, it could work as long as you are in the physical space of the solar system you want to make that kind of BM.

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Last thing we need is people making bookmarks 300 AU from the closest celestial.

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Its important to understand the significant impact that space has on eve.

If we look at other games, like the recent elite dangerous, we learn that to much space or travel time can have a significantly negative impact upon the game.

IF you think about it, for the most part all of eves combat happens around an object. A belt, a station, a planet, etc.

Its not common for larger battles, or other such things to happen in the boonies so to speak. Allowing players way out there gives them immunity to being found, and this is highly disruptive to the games health and natural process.

If anything, imo, the deep space spots should get removed.

This is a good idea with conditions: must be in space, in-system, max remote BM 5AU from ship.

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It’s pretty silly, from the perspective of ‘real life,’ that we cannot designate coordinates to fly to. That being said, and I’m pretty new at this, so please don’t flame me to death, eve seems to operate as a series of forced choices. You can fly in all this space, but not really. You have to warp to a gate, use a gate to get to another system, and then warp within 100k of a celestial, if you don’t have a bookmark.

The ‘vastness’ of space, in eve, is illusory, in order to make it possible to catch us at all. I’m not a pvp player, and I doubt I ever will be. I try to take some defensive measures in my exploration, but I can’t beat you alpha-striking me down, when I’m fit for exploration or pve.

If you let me select, a point, like I can send my probes to, trust me, I’m gonna love this, because space is vast, but it doesn’t make a good game-play mechanic to acknowledge that.

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