Seeding wormholes with scanning alts should require more risk

Arguably there’s not enough risk to the activity of seeding holes with scanners now that endless scanning alts can be spooled up on alphas. There’s also a further concern with ease of exploration bot scalability with shareable access lists.

I propose if a player remains undocked in space for longer than 16 hours they can no longer save corporation/alliance/extended access bookmarks until they dock with a structure.

However, they are free to save personal bookmarks. Personal bookmarks can be transferred normally to the Corp/alliance folder once the player docks.

If a scanner wants to share intel with a broader group (i.e. move bookmarks from personal to corp/alliance), they have three options:

  1. Scan a way out of the wormhole to a structure. Once docked the timer resets and player is free to transfer personal bookmarks to a Corp folder. Undock and backtrack to seeded hole. Log out.
  2. Self destruct, burn the seed, and leave a dscan identifiable wreck behind. Medical clone awakes in structure. Bookmark transfer lock timer resets.
  3. Anchor dockable structure in hole.

I see this approach as fostering more opportunities for pvp engagement and paranoia. Yet, if risk was to really be ramped up, I would advocate for personal bookmarks being automatically deleted upon pod death.

Why not just say if the Bookmarks are being shared to Corp/Alliance via the Eve communications network (Stargates and whatever ‘Local’ is), then nobody can share when in Wormholes.

This way there is no need for a 16h timer to be running on every ship in space.

The scanner (if in a WH) would have to return to known space to communicate to their corp/alliance.

People in WHs, need to transfer the old fashion way. Part of the drawback with not having a StarGate network available. One of the difficulties that capsuleers need to overcome when working or traveling WH space.

This feels like a thinly veiled “Nerf AFK cloaking” post.

If your problem is with the abundance of Alpha scanning clones in wormholes, why not tailor any kind of proposed solution to that problem instead of making a sweeping change that affects all players in all regions of space?


Exactly and this guy knows it as he has posted this same stuff in the AFK Cloaking Thread

@ISD_Fractal, @ISD_Buldath, @ISD_BH_Shiftybits, @ISD_Norros Can we get this moved to AFK Cloaking pls.

Please stop spamming the mods on threads I contribute to out of what I feel is your ‘personal’ displeasure with me.

This is very much a separate enough proposal for wormhole space activity (scanner alphas log in, scan sigs, and log out) that it does not need to get sucked into the void of AFK cloaking.

Again, this type of wormhole seeding data collection activity does not require going AFK nor cloaking. It’s the current and future ease of automating sig collection in wormholes if a central bot service can distribute to multiple corps/alliance that I see as problematic.

Bots will be able to outcompete human chain mapping.

That’d probably be too hard of a swing against bookmark utility. This (16hr lock on Corp bookmarks) proposal is meant to address a specific Intel gathering behavior.

If we were going to remove Corp bookmark sharing ability I recommend also applying it to null sec sectors where Drifters have knocked out the communication network. If CCP introduced Flex structures for communications these structures would allow for use of corp/alliance bookmarks in that system.

Oh boy, would that be a pain for FCs making sure all line members have personal bookmarks for the upcoming OP in systems they don’t have access to flex comms structures.

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