Crazy Deep Safes (or How I Managed To Park A Cap Off D)

Just throwing it out there, because nearly three years ago my home system was subjected to a Sansha incursion, during which we managed to bookmark some deep safes in half a dozen systems. One, in my home system, is nearly 80AU from the star, and 48AU from the nearest celestial. Is this what CCP means by a deep safe exploit?

(as far as I’m aware only five people know the location of this safe…)

No, but they might be collateral and get moved closer.

A deep safe was defined back in 2010 as anything more than 10 AU farther away from the star than the farther celestial object in the system. If the farthest Celestial in the system is 90 AU from the star, than anything more than 100 AU from the star is considered a deep safe.

huh… must be a stacking fix for that then, since I can warp to my deep safe (though I haven’t tried lighting a cyno on it)

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