Emerging conduit

Soooo is CCP gunna bring all the safes that 1000s of ppl made due to the bug ? iirc they did bring in deep safes to 32au ( not 100% but did read something about it )

If CCP are not going to remove or bring in the safes then let all the WH folk complain then as they couldnt make the nice safe spots.
I know my corp now has a fortizar that is at 800 au from the nearest celestial :slight_smile:
Guess we wait and see what happens lol


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Well enjoy it while it lasts. CCP stated earlier that they will move those to reasonable ranges. (Or destroy them.)


800 au at 2 au/s speed is 400 seconds of warp, at 3-4 au/s your cruiser will have to warp about 4 minutes, if capacitor will let you … Will this Fortizar ever be used?

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depends if you anchored it before the warning or after :wink:

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