Upwell Structures and Placement

I’ve heard about upwell structures before I played EVE and even docked with some after I joined a player corp. I’ve read about them before.

Upwell Structures

Something I just noticed is that Citadels don’t seem to have anchoring limitations. So… you can just put a bunch of redundant ones in the system if you felt like wasting all the fuel? Or do something silly like place a bunch of them right on a gate? Or even something really stupid like within 10 km of a gate in low sec (which is just moronic given that if an enemy Dreadnaught appeared you’d have to twiddle your thumbs while waiting for him to shoot)>

They have range limitations to objects and other structures. Quite surprising that these important details are not mentioned anywhere in the help desk articles.

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Ok… weird. If it didn’t list anchoring limitations for some of them, I’d have thought limitations just wasn’t on the page but since they listed it for some structures, I’d thought they were all the limitations. So no one of each of the three types of citadels sitting 30 km from a gate I guess.

Absolutely not. You cannot anchor any dockable structure within 1000 km of a gate, station or other dockable structure. Flex structures can be placed closer to other structures. Refineries need to be placed close to specific Moon Mining beacons to be able to use the drill. Just some examples.

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I’m a bit confused by this comment. I’m pretty sure you can use citadel weapons on anything in lowsec and frankly it sounds hilarious, if broken to have a gatecamping citadel. If the dread is gating you should have plenty of time to tackle him.

Yes it does sound hilarious and broken, but the help page seems to imply you can do that. I mean if they didn’t say anchoring restrictions on any of the structures, the natural conclusion is that anchoring restrictions is an attribute not on the help page. But on the other hand, since they mentioned restrictions on the Flex structures but not for citadels, it seems to imply citadels have no restrictions since why would they bother to have a restrictions column for some of them and not others if all had restrictions?

The best bet for detailed info on any feature is to search for or follow links to Dev Blogs where the feature was introduced; and then if you can find another link to forum threads where “issues” with new feature were discussed.

Half the problem with Upwell is anchoring - will any interested parties already in the area, object? If you are keen on a particular area, making nice with the locals might get you into that space, and use of existing structures.

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