Thoughts on Upwell structures

Hello, if you fuel an upwell structure you get anti-ganking protection and if someone does take the time to kill it, anything inside is moved to asset safety. Its probably one of the main reasons people feel uneasy about null sec. Just put a fuel inside the structure and you are good. It does not really require much skill or organization to successfully run one.

There seems to be 3 types and 3 sizes of Upwell structures, but the Refineries do not have an extra-large version. It should have one?



Engineering complexes

Last but not least what about cloaking for structures? An upwell cloaking module?

This could be the key to dealing with the awkward asset safety and anti-ganking protections they curently have.

Small versions when?


Ideally there would be a reason for making small versions other than they are missing. But they could change the names so that Medium Becomes Small, Large becomes Medium, and Extra-Large becomes Large. But i think the idea is that nobody want to own a small structure so they just called the small one medium :smiley:

Anyway, what could be a good design of a small variant of each structure, and what could be a good design for an Extra-large refinery. Without making the others obsolete :slight_smile: I could probably figure something out

Lets start with pollution and waste. Why is waste not incorporated more as a concept in EVE Online in general. It would be likely be huge issue IRL. I wonder what the international space station does with trash. But thats besides the point.

An Extra-Large refinery would probably create too much waste and pollution to be allowed in high sec? But it would perhaps be very efficient. I will walk myself out.

Because we still use staging POSs and safety yurt small pos towers.
They have the benefit of being fairly cheap and quick to anchor.
Getting a pos tower onlined is a key early step of any wormhole eviction operation. It’s when such ops go from planning and Intel gathering to the actual operation phase.

They’re also widely used as a staging base for blops raiding deep in hostile space.

There is currently no citadel that can be used for the purpose.

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Can they still be produced?

I don’t know.
There’s still a lot in circulation however.

In my design world, the small upwell would be for a one man garage shop. one service only, limited production, etc.

Jettisoned into the atmosphere or brought back to Earth.


There’s nothing awkward about it.

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[quote=“Dchill, post:4, topic:442816, username:Dchill”]
I wonder what the international space station does with trash. But thats besides the point.
[/quote] Conveiently, space offers HUGE, self-powered, almost indefinite, incinerators. I doubt being in space would present many problems for disposing of waste. Not only that, you only really need to send it in roughly the right direction for it to eventually be incinerated.

I built ( anchored ) a Raitaru in a wormhole and it lasted 45 days in there. The Banana Tigers destroyed it just after the new year. I am just a casual solo alpha player, I just wanted to see what I can and cannot do here. The Raitaru was cheap about 550 million ISK. After I put it out, I found out I needed a core, those sell for 880 million. After 24 hours it was up and running. I place a missile rack and cruise missiles for defense. A week later a player informed me the station was “abandoned” I had to return and place a lab in there and fed it fuel cubes. I didn’t charge rent for offices and it was an open freeport. However I did warn others that it could get destroyed and not to expect their stuff to be safe.

Back in February I set up an Astrahus and it is still there. Maybe it will last longer? I really don’t know, but I only feed the lab once a week to save on the ISK. This keeps it from falling into abandon status. It really is too bad the Banana Tigers wanted to blow it up instead of living and working in the Raitaru. I was hoping to do more with it. Maybe I will run a fun contest with the Astrahus and give it away as the prize.

Since I am just an alpha, I doubt they would make it available for my lot. I don’t think it would be cheap to operate it either. These stations are an ISK sink and the core makes them juicy targets for the pirate corps.

Have fun!

Please watch some videos about the fact why you can’t ‘throw stuff into the sun’. You can’t just ‘roughly aim and give it a bump’, you realize that we, our planet an all other things are orbiting this space incinerator at quite crazy speeds? It would require more energy to deccelerate something enough to ‘throw it into the sun’ than it would need to accelerate it so it can leave into interstellar space… just sayin’

Well do you know why you never see anyone on Star Trek go poop? Because they have those tiny teleportation devices in their lower colon. Then they don’t need to poop, it just gets beamed out. Best yet, the poop molecules get recycled into usable items, food, and earl grey tea.

Beam me up! o7

A tasty idea.

Who said anything about decelerating anything? Doesn’t really matter how fast it’s going when it hits the sun.

Science says that.

You can’t “hit the sun” by “aiming at it” and give it a go. If you were on open space and fire a pistol bullet straight towards the sun, it would not get sucked in, because you, the pistol and the bullet are all orbiting objects on a elliptic path around the sun. The projectile would either leave the solar system in a few million years or enter some other orbit around the sun, but you won’t get it into the sun by just aiming, you’d have to lose all the stored kinetic energy in that “object” first (coming from moving with around 30km/second around the sun), which is almost impossible with our current technology, not even talking about the costs. There are some workarounds by using planets to deccelerate (aka losing kinetic energy), but the calculations are insanely complex.

what this person is trying to say is if you let something go in space, it floats next to you

in order for it to go anywhere, you have to throw it backwards as fast as you are moving forwards for it to fall into the sun

to throw something into the sun from earth orbit, you have to throw it a minimum of 30 km/s

Well that doesn’t make any sense, the earth is the cente of the solar system. And the universe.

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You forgot the skydome, the four elephants and giant turtle. If you ate a hamburger in space, and toss the paper wrapper out the window, just to get burned up in the sun. The giant space goat would be bound to eat it first. You see, I am an expert, I wrote some Star Trek.

Scotty the topic is totally derailed, mission complete. Kirk out!