Player Forward Operating Bases

Greetings New Eden! In response to the Quantum Cores update, I’ve decided to bring the conversation of Small Upwells back to the table. Just some quick background: I’ve been playing EVE since 2009, have done lowsec piracy/FW, lived in NPC null as well as sov null, and have done small and micro gang WH stuff for the past 6 years. I’m in a small/tiny corp.

Since these quantum cores will make it harder for entry-level projects on small or new corps, a Small Upwell is in order. Such a structure has been hinted at in the past by CCP in Keynotes. Enter the Player Forward Operating Base! Perhaps we’ll call it the Corporate Depot instead, though I’m sure the clever engineers in the Upwell Consortium/CCP will think of an appropriate name for it.

What would a Player FOB do that our current smallest structures, an Astrahus or Raitaru, doesn’t? Well to start with, they should be cheaper and more expendable after the Quantum Core changes, but also less defensible and with far fewer features. Here’s what I had in mind:

*Standard tether functionality

*Standard anchoring timers, vulnerability windows, and unanchor times (for consistency and counter-attacks)

*Either no reinforcement timers or a single, 24 hour reinforcement window when Armor is depleted. These are sticks in the sand, not sandcastles.

*Small personal item hangar space (1,000 m3 to 2,000 m3), similar to an expanded depot

*Small corp Ship Maintenance Array, able to hold 5 or so Medium hulls or a wider array of smaller ships. Shared space prevents storing extra ships on many alts.

*No or limited docking; the Corp SMA will store ships. Personal hangar spaces in docks open up the possibility of easy infinite storage space, which is to be avoided in such a small structure.

*No service modules. These are not intended for industry or as a large main base.

*No damage caps, as these are not bulwarks and should be more easily destructible than Mediums.

*No fittings similar to the FLEX structures. Fuel costs low but upkeep still required, 45 blocks per day (25% the fuel cost of a basic Astrahus).

*No Access Lists to prevent owner-swapping abuse; this is intended for a single corp (and possibly its alliance), and can only host a smaller number of players. Subject to wardecs like any other structure (Idea courtesy of Salt Foambreaker)

Specifics of course are always up for discussion. These should not be difficult to deploy, nor difficult to destroy. A volume of 5,000 m3 would make them fit in a T1 industrial. These could also be carried into Shattered Wormhole systems through small-mass holes with a Porpoise fleet hangar. They would ideally cost about as much materials as their role equivalent, the Small POS (around 250 million ISK in today’s currency).

For the smaller corps out there like my own, these would be good for nomadic wormhole life. For the newer groups, these are far more accessible in cost and less of a serious investment than Quantum Core Upwells. For bigger groups or veteran players, these would take the place of the Small POS as a siege or daytripping tower.

The basic idea is to provide a small living area for nomads, small corps, and moving military groups. They would be fairly cheap and accessible, but also very quick to burn if not they’re defended. The lack of functionality outside of tether and limited storage discourages spamming them, but their vulnerability makes them easy to remove if they’re being spammed.


I love you.

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I don’t think smaller structures should be a design goal, no matter what features.

Some things should require the resources of a multi-player corp to accomplish.

So I would add:
No ability to grant rights or access outside the owning corp. Meaning that the corp user would be wardec vulnerable. Cannot be placed by NPC corp members.


If this discussion does get some momentum within ccp, I’d like to add that i wouldn’t even mind such bases (or alternative small structures) getting services like engineering bays, a refinery and a ‘small market*’.

But 100% agree, no access list. Corp/alliance only. And thus only show up on the structure browser to corp/alliance too.

*A market only accessible to corp/alliance.

I have always imagined they would be like a mobile depot with a tether.

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Edencom/Trig flavour would be nice, add 1 gunstar or werpost to it.
At least that way they won’t simply be squashed by NPCs overnight.

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Small corps aren’t single player, and I’m really tired of people (CCP included) overlooking them. Good point on the access lists though, will edit ideas in as good ones like yours surface.

Perhaps, but I feel as though people opposed to Small structures/the viability of small corp gameplay wouldn’t like that. The bigger fish like being the bigger fish, and with more people and infrastructures it makes sense that they’d have more shiny toys to play with and explode. I’m fine with smaller corps having to get really crafty to meet their service needs (we certainly have to), as long as they are allowed to get crafty rather than limited by overhead/buy-in costs with Medium+ Quantum Core Upwells.

Maybe they can make different versions of small structures.

Mining/industrial FOB that only allows mining and industrial ships to dock and large ore/material hangers. Also can light industrial cyno. They could even turn the Rorqual into a deployable FOB structure. With structure times like mediums and large structures.

Combat FOB that have limited ship hangers to allow limited amount of ships to dock. No capitals.

Blackop structures that don’t show on D-scan. Only allow ships that can fit covert ops cloaks. And allow blackop bs to dock and jump to.

Defence of this structures chould be fitted like a deployed Marauder battleship.

As much as we love each other, I have to agree with salt.

Moving foward i think less structures is better for eve, and i think more value on them is the way to go. I believe that downsizing the structures into 3(or more) types (indy/research/trade for example) with various “tiers” should be the move.

To be clear, I think you should start off with a hull, and upgrade your way to larger structures (as opposed to buy the size you want and drop it), requiring multiple players (invalidating single players with multiple accounts from being able to build them) to donate into the structure each phase, and a small time sink on it to build, and while upgrading all normal things are working as intended (that way people can use the structure while its upgrading, but have a small wait when its first being constructed).

Then looking at making stations have upkeep of similar types, or isk, can act as a massive sink to the economy. The end result is less structures, more commitment and maintenance (reducing the spam) and more socially driven goals for the corp.

Shrinking the sandbox, and reducing choices like this is both a technical hassle, invalidates existing structures and/or grandfathers infrastructure which is impossible to match, and requires a 180 on the lore and development direction.

So, stop.

People are beginning to miss the point that these are specifically intended for smaller groups. Not everyone is in huge alliances or even moderately sized corps. This is entry-level, meant to replace the Small POS.

I guess EVE is really leaving small gangs behind. No more just playing with 2-4 people you trust in real life, for example. That’s actually a pretty common corp set up and how many new players try the game. We should be supporting them, and that size of operation. It’s not “shrinking the sandbox”, it’s providing new choices like colonizing shattered wormhole systems.

Call it a Corp Depot, give it a tether, and that’s it basically the idea I’m going for in a nutshell. It’s a really simple, fun addition that would breath new life and content into small/microgang and wormhole gameplay.

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this is what POS are and should continue to be.

The POS should never go away. if CCP wants to gut the entire POS c ode and repalce it with new structure that generates a bubble, which permits access via a password, by all means do that. But it would be a real shame to remove POS from the game. They’re really cool

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