Small Citadels- Forward Operating Base (FOB)

Forward Operating Base (FOB) (Goal is for a bridge between

-Small/FLEX Upwell Structure




-2km tether (includes the tether Armor/Hull Repair)

-3,200,000hp Structure. 20% resists all around. (No Damage Cap)

-2,000,000hp Armor and Shield. 20% resists all around (No Damage Cap). 1,000,000,000s Shield Recharge Time

-75,000GJ. 2,700s recharge time

-500 Sensor Strength Accross the board (Base Upwell structure default)

Upwell Default Facilities

-Refitting (refitting similar to a mobile depot for BS, Caps, and Supers)

-Hangar (Only Medium Ships and Down can dock. Battleships and Capitals produced can be jetisoned into space/boarded, and fitted but cannot be docked and must remain in space.) ?(?BS can be stored but will automatically be repackaged.?)? (Still a station so docking on some smaller level compared to Medium Upwell Structures. A POS styled shield would be good but wouldn’t have docking)

-Repair shop for docked ships

-Contracts, deliveries, and direct trading while docked ?(? One storage space for everyone. Might be to close to POS features. ?)?

-Corporation Offices while docked (???)


-90% reduction in Standup Reprocessing Facility powergrid requirement

-90% reduction in Standup Manufacturing Plant powergrid requirement

-90% reduction in Standup Capital Shipyard powergrid requirement

-20% reduction in Standup Reprocessing Facility fuel consumption

-20% reduction in Standup Manufacturing Plant fuel consumption

-20% reduction in Standup Capital Shipyard fuel consumption

-Automatically Decays if abandoned for 20 days (This is to help prevent spam and also emphasis it being a beach head/starter structure to be replaced)




-No Rigs


-2-3 Service Slots (the idea is to have 1 slot for BS production and down, 1 slot for capital production, and 1 for ore reprocessing for a Forward Operating Base to begin production)

-2 Turret or Launcher Hardpoints (Possible opportunity to introduce Standup Turrets)

-250km Maximum Targeting Range

-5 Maximum Locked Targets

-15km Signature Radius

-40mm Scan Resolution (Base Upwell structure default)

Industry-roughly 200-300mil

-1 Unit-Structure Construction Parts

-1 Unit-Structure Hangar Array

-1 Unit-Structure Storage Bay

-1 Unit-Structure Docking Bay

-1 Unit-Structure Factory

-1 Unit-Structure Reprocessing Plant

Based off of Eve Fanfest Presentation, a Flex Structure Navigation Structures post here’s the list, and a post a year ago

Possibly Similar Design to the Guristas FOB as its design is more between Medium Upwell Structures and the Mobile Depot


What’s the point?

What role does it fill that an astra doesnt already do better?

CCP has mentioned a small/FLEX structure for beacheads/FOBs, daytripping, and they mentioned a structure for newer corps (I think a raitaru or astra is good for small groups though). I’m seeking to flesh out some ideas for what one such structure could look like since they said that they would be implementing this as the last type of Upwell Structure to replace POSs, as FOBs are really the last POS function left

It serves as a beachead/FOB. It is meant to essentially serve as a deployment structure that has an anchor/unanchor time of 45min, being for rapid deployment. It has the manufacturing capabilities for a group to essentially drop this quickly and begin building ships until a suitable fleet is present to properly defend a proper citadel or engineering complex anchor timer. It also serves the purpose well for people that do day tripping in NS and Wspace due to it’s rapid deployment time

No, no way. If they had not tied war dec to structures I might think differently but this is a mess for war dec.

Use a small.


Manufacturing capabilities are not a beachhead.
If CCP release a structure it will likely have no services. And minimal or no defence.

What they need to do is get rid of the Depots. And replace them with a small Citadel that only offers the un-fueled functions. Tether, repair, refit, and that’s about it.

That’d be nice to have

No. Nein. Niet.

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