Operating base

Smaller citadels with limited lifespan

Future update will remove dirt cheap citadels from EVE

While I like idea of removing citadel spam from game this also means that small POS role is not covered by citadels

So back to idea:
Introduce smaller size of citadels with worse defense and abilities (and so on)
Price should be about 150,000,000 - 500,000,000 for various purpose types

and most important
they SELF DESTRUCT in 30 (or less) days after anchor

This is as bad as the expiring quantum core idea. -1 no thank you

My vision of this (may be different of realization if it ever will be)
OB - Operating base (small citadel)

OB is middle ground between full size citadels and mobile depot. In base variation - mobile depot you can dock
OB is for hostile space. If you expect to use it more than couple of month you’d prefer permanent citadels
OB is disposable. It will be left behind
OB is not safe

  1. Only 1 reinforce timer
  2. Cannot be unanchored
  3. No service modules fitting (included in construction when applicable)
  4. No fuel need (included in construction)
  5. No extra onlining delay for deploying in hostile space
  6. No freighter docking
  7. No asset safety

Possible variations:

  1. Base: cheapest
    1.1. Faction specific combat variations. BPC sold in LP store
  2. Industrial: have manufacturing and research services included, probably most expencive
    2.1. Drug manufacture: self-explainable, BPC sold in pirate LP store
  3. Moon mining: 1 use drill, shorter lifetime
  4. Smuggler gates: concept is WIP, BPC sold in pirate LP store, shorter lifetime
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Just use a depot.

If I’m alone - yes that’s a solution
If I want to make a temporary base for something - no

This should be replacement of small POS with comparable price and destroy effort

I can unanchor Upwell structures, mobile depots and POS towers, why not this? -1

Fuel should be required for reinforcement to be effective (like POS).
Unfueled should bring abandoned state timer that results in auto-self-destruction.
15min anchoring, 15min online would be suitable. Reverse to unanchor and scoop.
Limits to anchoring range from other structures, stations, gates and celestials.

Otherwise FOBs are overdue, as is the final removal of POS structures.

No unanchoring is option (I didn’t include this in main post). To make them one use only.

Fuel consumption for infinite lifespan is bad because will result in OB spamming

Fuel = 30 days
No Fuel = 7 days
Ok for me

No ability to grant rights or access outside the owning corp. Meaning that the corp user would be wardec vulnerable. Cannot be placed by NPC corp members.

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