Small Citadels/Player FOBs Suggestions

(Veskin Sentinel) #1

Hi, people! :slight_smile:

Since we know that CCP is probably baking some Small size Citadels/player Forward operating bases for next year, I’d like to start a topic that would gather our suggestions for these things.

The main question is “What would you like to have, utilizing Small size Citadels?”

And here are some of my suggestions:

  • Small size citadels, for rapid reployment, for small scale sieges, item storage, limited count for docking ships (subcapital), plus tethering outside, weaponized structures, maybe using battleship size weapons with extra range, or larger weapons but limited.

  • They should not decay when not in use, but should be able to be removed easily, or even captured via a hack, when abandoned.

  • Able to be deployed close to each other, but not too close to cause clutter.


  • Small scale Listening Posts, similar to Observatories (concepts that were shown at Fanfest), able to gather solar system activity data - combat, probe scanning activities, trade orders, number of ships detected (with info on ship type) within limited scan range in the system, local pilots presence, anomalies and so on. Of course these small listening posts would have less capabilities than the Observatories.

  • Option for these listening posts to be less detectable - not showing on D-scan, able to be probed, but also able to have full cloak under some special conditions.

  • Small scale Industry, Research, Invention and Reactions laboratories: with limited docking access, storage for items and blueprints. Not as capable as current platforms in terms of bonuses, but easy to deploy, cheap to maintain and easy to unanchor, when needed.

  • Should have half of the job slot capabilites, compared to existing structures, also with a limit on pilots, that use them at the same time.

All of the suggested structures should not be visible on overview and sensor overlay, unless they are public.

I don’t have a very clear vision on these structures, so these are just broad suggestions.

So what do you guys think? What kinds of Small Citadels would you like to have?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #2

I’ll throw my ideas as they come since I don’t have more time right now:

  • forward base: basically a big and tanky mobile depot.
  • illegal cloning facility: a small cita with only the cloning facility that allow you to set you clone here, whatever region you are in (even WH) BUT each clone is lowering your Security status, the facility is only obtainable with pirate faction AND the more SP you have, the more expensive the clone cost is.
  • Mobile raffinery: a small, fast deployed, very easy to destroy citadel that would be, basically, a nerfed, immobile rorqual (with no drones ofc)

And if I’m allowed to dream:

  • a WH generator that would allow us to open a custom WH that would use fuel based on the type of WH you open (for ex, if you’re in HS, opening a WH to a C1 should cost less than opening one to a C3. And this idea imply no change to the functioning of the WH, it’s just a object spawning a WH.

(Siegfried Tahl) #3

I think Small Citadel should be personal, I.e. only one pilot can dock at a time.

If only you could anchor Bowhead and it would cloak up when you undock from it.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #4

Only thing i want to see is a small structure (that would allow docking simply for performance reasons) it would always be vulnerable with only one rf timer. For me i would be happy even w/o capital storage. (This would need to have a m3 limit if implemented) local defense souls be minimal. Its anchored online and unanchor times similar to a large pos.
There should be no asset safety at all. There should not be services but they should require fuel for the rf timer to kick in.

Finally after 48hrs without fuel they should collapse