Smaller, specialized Citadels

There is major war potential in constructing additional citadels, but there is a caveat. What if you can create only a limited number of citadels per character? Of course established players with numerous high end alts would leverage additional characters with required skills, but I am sure there would be means within the current system to engage newer players to develop characters with the purpose of constructing small citadels.

These can be pirate hubs, logistical support centers, siege modules or defense towers.

My point is to make lower tier characters and starting players substantially more valuable. If they are more readily capable of constructing these citadels, existing citadel owners would need the services of these new players to field more people-centered defense structures.

Also, it would look awesome to have a major citadel with six surrounding defense structures against attackers. These structures would be most interesting if they had offered a more granular, specialized series of services compared to their bigger cousins - say, only two. Or even better, you can only dock ships of limited sizes in them.

Very small Citadel - Cruiser sized vessels
Small Citadel - Battleship sized vessels

K-Space is inundated with these things already, some systems you could almost not fly through there are so many of the damn things in space. So please… no… more… citadels

At least one which does not come up on the overview, much like a mobile depot.
Something that can allow ships to dock/teather/logoff safely
Something that can take a short time to deploy (ie: 1 hour)
Something with minor defensive capabilities at most
Something that can be un-anchored in just as short a period of time as anchoring (ie: 1 hour)

This would greatly aide ‘day trippers’ to WH space who used to rely on POSes for operations lasting under a week.

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only other thing i’d like to see thats possible to deploy is the player made stargates that was mentioned in the past, but I’m not sure if they changed their minds on this or not. Other than that I cant think of anything else thats even remotely useful other than whats already available

Player built stargates are still on the roadmap and probably next on the list - CCP needs a replacement for POS jump bridges before they can retire POS. Other POS functionality can probably be provided by service modules in existing structures.

The new Upwell structures do not replace the functionality of a small POS. My Raitaru cost 10 times as much to build and close to 3 times as much to operate than my small POS while providing fewer services and reduced bonuses. The new structures are a lot more convenient to work in - particularly for large groups but there are a lot of solo/small group players in Eve and I think there should be some consideration for a small structure with cost and portability comparable to the small POS.

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Massive event causes all know stargates to shut down, requiring solar systems of pilots to work together to pour resources into building new star gates, gates built in 1 system can shoot you to another with no return until you build the new star gate there.

Citadels are tied to corps, not characters.

in all honesty those jump bridges made players lazy and I believe that it was a mistake for them to even release such a thing in the game. Not only did it cut the chances of players getting caught in a potential gank, it removed an aspect of team play from the game, so if they dont replace them I find that a good omen for future content.

I’m not sure why you’re comparing it to your previous small pos as they no longer produce and what they did bother doing is now broken down into several structures which is the future of eve. As you said though this focus’s more on group play than solo and from how it looks currently its wants those solo players to use other peoples to avoid such a costing. The only problem with that is dealing with complexes who cant even bother to keep theirs fueled.

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