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So as yesterday reminded us all, citadels are here and not going anywhere until they work (at which point as with everything that works some dev will decide they need replacing).

I am however still waiting for a citadel to replace the POS for me.

As well as (many) other interests in the game I am a hi-sec ore and ice miner.

I have a few mining setups that wander, like most hi-sec miners I move around to get away from the muppets, competition and if a good looking WH pops up I’ll ninja what I can.

A POS was the perfect tool for this. A mobile platform that after purchase costs could be placed almost anywhere and picked up as quickly for a low running cost. None of this the citadel offers. You can’t jump into a WH, mine it out before the owners log in and get out easily. You have to drop a citadel that takes a week to pick back up, its a bit of a giveaway, or try flying freighters in and out of a gate that’ll just get smaller. I have four separate teams that could mine, that’s four citadels with running costs ranging from 200-500 mil/month each, and each of those teams might hit 4 or 5 areas a week, that’s 20 citadels on the go at once.

As for a simple thing like compressing ore, finding a citadel with public docking and with a running reprocessing plant is getting rarer and rarer. 200 mil/month/citadel to run something that was free in npc stations is getting beyond a joke.

A part of the game has been removed with no reasonable alternative. I’d try the assholes that are CSM’s but getting them to even admit hi-sec exists would take more patience than I have and I’ve never wanted to be a goon.

So the rant is over, pissed off yesterday about the downtime but ■■■■ happens, even more pissed off today at the long restart and no one even bothering to let us know it was going to happen or even tell us that it was happening.

Is anyone else missing the freedom offered by the POS and would people like to see a replacement small mobile station?


I was hoping that the mobile compressor was going to be one of the small up well structures they teased years ago.

Something that setup quick, ran on minimal fuel, but doest tether or dock.


POS is an unfortunate acronym.

I have a small control tower gathering spacedust in a warehouse somewhere, along with a bunch of hangars and arrays. I haven’t found a use for it, still wandering about a bit finding a place to call home.

For CCP the issue appears to be space. At least it appears that way with the uprooting of a Faction Fortizar causing millions of items to get shaken around and somehow causing a spacequake in CCP’s database. Maybe CCP can find a way to store offline players and their items, offline? Or create more dataspace for them I guess.

We have mobile depots, and Orca’s I guess, so we can pretend to be the space version of trailer trash.

But something in me is desirous of a hobbit hole, a little wyrmhole to call my own. A part of EVE that is free from billboard advertising, and where I can just sit at night and watch the stars in peace while I read the industry ticker.


I do wonder when they will introduce something to replace the ore compressor. I think that is the last real thing that needs to be converted over from the POS system.

They could make something like the mobile depot that slowly compressed ore over time. They could also make a set of Small Structures that can still be deployed like a citadel but with very limited options. Something that is always vulnerable, can only have limited amount of ships docked, 1 service module, possibly one or two high, medium, and low slots, and no rig slots. I would also say no asset safety, or any special bonuses towards things like fuel costs or refine rates.

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Definitely would be nice to have a personal ‘Way-Station’ that could be quickly set up and taken down as well as easily transported in the cargo hold of a Blockade Runner or Industrial Fleet hold.

It should afford a small measure of security with limited benefits or it wouldn’t be worth it to use.

No, go away.

I think that is the point of the new structures - to offer great benefits at the cost of being a valuable asset that you have to commit to.


Anything for the new players just getting into EvE? I would love to work towards a small “home base” housing type structure. I see some really cool asteroid bases with small facilities tucked into them in the dead space missions.

Any way to introduce something like that for newer players? Someway to have highsec deadspace housing available where you could build a small asteroid base? Or is that too care bear?

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There are some great little hide-outs floating around, and I think your idea has great merit.

Carebear or not carebear is only a thing people argue about to have an argument about, it’s not very important.

What is probably most important is that CCP would have to provide technical resources to houses in space. I think they would struggle to do that.

I guess those resource issues might be resolved by;

  1. The space hideout is only online when the owner is.
  2. The hideout costs real money, or maybe Plex, which is the same thing really.
  3. Only a set amount of hideouts can exist in a solar system.
  4. Alternatively the hideouts exist in their own wormhole or abyssal space, set apart from the normal servers.
  5. Limits on storage, no more than 5 ships, limited hangars.

Then there is the issue of players wanting to be able to destroy your hideout, because that’s how they get their jolly on.

I’d prefer the hideouts avoid that “conflict” entirely, I’ve played too many games called “Bushwhack Offliners”.

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great !!!

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