Please just let me mine in peace!

Could you guys tone down the pirate strongholds so I can mine and make stuff in peace? That’s why I pay for my subscription, not to grind out PvE against rats that are MASSIVELY overpowered.


Move next system, problem solved. Also buying accounts is not allowed and can get you banned.


What I meant is that’s why I’m paying for my subscription.

Ok, then scratch that, do the jump into next system then.

So they want me constantly moving through the entire galaxy, never actually establishing myself anywhere?

Well, moving between two systems I wouldn‘t consider “entire galaxy”. But yes, there are mechanics to encourage moving, and not staying forever in one system without effort.


Well, since strongholds can spawn practically anywhere…

Choose a constellation and move around in a circle?

You will get a lot more troll posts likely, as not wanting to move and utilizing the “entire galaxy” sounds a bit dense for most eve players.

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Calm down, miner.


…Sigh…Sounds like something a troll would say…

Shows how much you know. It’s something a ganker would say.

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CCP is waging a war against miners right now.

They feel theres an abundance of materials and resources in circulation already, and want to reduce it.

They also want you to buy more plex.

The solution? Make mining horrific. Then you buy plex and consume the existing materials instead of mine new ones.


As if Safety wasn’t enough of a problem, now the developers are anti-industry?!

Back in my day, players used to complain about other players, and not NPCs, killing them.


Now that you mention it, I get it, I stand corrected.

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Pirate strongholds aren’t exactly running all the time. Sure, you have to swap systems for a couple days. No big deal.

If you really care that much about them, you can always get some friends together and clear it, or call in one of the groups that regularly kills them to clear it for you, or just dodge the diamond NPC scouts like miners in other parts of space dodge roaming PVPers.

There’s various resources on youtube and reddit explaining how they work for clearing them. I’d advise testing them out briefly on the test server.

Be enterprising - maybe if you and some friends learn to clear them efficiently you can sell your services to other miners who are currently having the same frustration?


Thank you so much, I wish I could super-like that.

Thinking about it, if you want to be really enterprising, they take a while to run, even with leshak comps. You can mess with the NPCs too. A truly devilish mind could conceivably interfere with any attemps to run a pirate stronghold, get their blingy battleships killed, loot the wrecks and hold the local miners hostage using the strongholds as leverage.

This is why Eve is great - there’s so much depth of emergent gameplay possible, all from a few NPCs harrassing miners.


Agreed. But sadly most people these days do not think in those ways.

Yeah, but not all at once. Just mine next door while they’re in your home system. They’re not that difficult to avoid.

If mining a single jump away is a problem then you’re on your own.

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