Please just let me mine in peace!

Yeah and usually gankers are the biggest of trolls.

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How curious. That must mean you’re a ganker then.

OP did you try contacting the NPC character listed as CEO of the FOB forces and inquire about how to purchase a mining permit? :wink:

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Absolutely a future there for some players…

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…wow… No, I’m not dealing with Safety for once. This time it’s the Guristas Production.

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Hey, no name-calling…

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Why did I not think of that…Thank you! :smiley:

That was a compliment.

There are some systems that aren’t overrun with pirates and PVP’rs ganking you. Just move around until you find a new home base that has asteroid belts.

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Miner, please calm down.


takes a deep breath Okay.

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