Ô siphon, my dear Siphon

We had a great time together, wish you the best as CCP settle your fate.
I will remember our great laught watching those silo getting empty.
Do you remember that crazy POS owner that get mad in local, telling us to go mine some Zydrine instead, and all those bad pilots that shoot you down without checking if you were full of Dysprosium.
ho damn it was a good time.
Those times and iskies are gone buddy, those lowsec roadtrip together like brothers will never happen again.
Now I will hang your bpo on a wall somewhere in my captain quarter.
It was a blast while it lasts bro
Thank you.



At least you still have one… Do you? Cause the rest of us don’t.


That was… sad. :pensive:

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Who’s Siphon? and no im not joking i don’t know much about ccp

Siphon structure model may be used in future tho. They just need to find use for it. Corpse harvesting and recycling, wink, wink. :wink:

It will be able to steal cargo from freighters, if you are able to make freighter stay in 18,73 km range (max skills) from it after anchoring time (2 and a half minutes on Sisi with anchoring at 5). Without you becoming suspect. Bumpers new best friend, you know…

lol big if true.
However BPO not seeded anymore so I think my BFF Siphon is gone for good.

A Siphon was a deployable used to steal moon goo from moon mining POS’s

They’re talking about the mobile siphon that would steal moon goo from POS towers.

Anchor one next to refinery and enjoy the panic :wink:

This is evil, I like that !

Wondering if you still can deploy them or if CCP block it.

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