Gas changes are great!

Just wanted to pop in and say that lowsec gas changes are great. It is easy, low effort isk at the point of extraction. A big if though - you need to have a reaction facility nearby due to the bulkyness of gas.

In my opinion, doing reactions in lowsec is something you can create a small group around and I find this a good change. Thanks CCP. Hope the community starts realizing how good it is.


Posting was a bad idea, now others will try it out and lower the value. Or you could just shoot them


Eh. The sources are so spread out and the price needs to be lowered anyway so that the new indy stuff gets a kickstart. It’s not like you can capital umbrella this which is great.

Yeah, a lot of people are financially incentivized to keep their mouths shut about new strats and opportunities. But, I thank you for sharing. Hopefully it helps some players find something that can enjoy and profit from.

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