Is gas mining worth it

is gas mining worth it it cost 30 mill to get the skill book and puls has high risk is it worth it?

I feel like you’re asking this in response to a comment I made in another thread, so i feel compelled to answer so you’re not disappointed.

Yes it can be worth it, but I want to add a major caveat.

If you’re new to the game, not comfortable with being in lowsec, scanning and gas skills represent a significant skill-time sink, and the gas scoop costs represent a large portion of your wealth being invested into it, I recommend against it.

Why? It is a combination of “don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose” and building up the basic piloting skills that enable a pilot to survive lowsec. In this case, both can be addressed with the goal of eventually gas harvesting, with one simple trick:

Mine ore in a cheap venture in low sec. That’s it.

It can be in a belt, or learn about ore anomalies and roam low sec to find some of the better rocks. This will give you the opportunity to learn how to fly with d-scan and bookmarks, how to evade, and who in local is dangerous. If a ship is lost, well it wasn’t one with expensive gas scoops, and hopefully something was learned. And if you succeed, at least you have more valuable ore than high sec ore, even if it isn’t as valuable as gas. Over the days of playing in low sec, while improving you-the-player, it also gives your toon the time to skill as you best see fit. Maybe that is upping the scanning skills to more easily find gas sites. Or some fitting skills to fit your planned gas venture.

And after all that, you can revisit the original question: is it worth it? Did you like mining and flying in low sec? Did you learn a lot of lessons on how to be slippery prey and fit ships for that purpose? Are you more confident taking slightly more expensive Ventures and scanning ships into lowsec?

Only you can judge yourself.

Lastly, on paper, yes gas is profitable. Hauling it around and the logistics, however, is a great pain. Hauling a T1 industrial full of it to market may be asking for a gank, so the usual advice applies here.


These two things are so crucial in so many ways in Eve.

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i feel like you forgetting the skill book wich sells for 30 mill as a base price

You gotta pay money to make money bub.

30 million is an irrelevant expense for mining. you can mine that amount in 1-2 venture loads depending on the gas. It seems like you are looking for an answer to a different question.

Yes, its worth it. The initial cost is a bit high, but the Return on the Investment is quick. You can also train Mining Frigate and Gas harvesting to 5 in about 2 or 3 weeks.

You can pretty much make back the value of your fitted Venture and the skill books in about 2 or 3 hours of ninja huffing in wormholes.

Some advice: train Gas Harvesting to either 2 or 5. The skill limits the number of scoops you can fit. But that’s all. If you just want to use T1 scoops, train to 2 and call it good. However I recommend training to 5 to use the T2s since its so short.

The skills in your toons head and the gas in your cargo hold doesn’t matter when your venture hits zero hull HP. 30 million is only one or two venture loads of gas, but that’s assuming you make it back safely. That’s why the bulk of my post is focused on that.

Looking at your experience mining in low, I don’t want you to get frustrated when flying a more expensive gas-huffing Venture but unable to cash in on a single Venture load.

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The extreme example would be mining in Tama. Look for less popular murderer resorts.

I almost commented about that - moving even only 1-2 jumps away from ami would probably reduce his loss rate

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Just reminded me of when I realized that you can use zkill to evaluate systems, not just people.

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i have done that but achuley goten less profet

are you hauling ore to amarr using your venture?

no but i mined difrent things