Is gas mining worth it

Wormholes have no local, so I point you to my above post about how to learn to use D-Scan and bookmarks proficiently. That’s how you survive with no help in a wormhole.

Like, seriously, your V keycap should be worn to a nub after coming back from a trip in J-space.

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Indeed no. It is more effort to stay aware so keep hitting that v key untill you are sick and tired of it and then keep doing it.

If you see combat scanners then that is definitly your queue to leave.

My 2isk on this is …well…this: Im in a corp, but they are based far away so there is not much gang/fleet activity. So I mostly PI and belt rat… however I love scanning and mining the occasional gas site that shows up in my LS const. I can roll up on a Helix Nebula and if Im a little lucky, can suck it up with my 2nd toon and bag 250M in an hour or so. It is a solo strategy Ive settled in to and it works nicely.

My “yeah-but” to this is, I often have an urgent “get what I can and get out” thing going and not leaving anything behind for locals (non corp) folks works to a “scorched earth” kind of play. so T2 scoops/harvesters are a regular option for me

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