It's mining alt worth doing?

My main got 15M SP and it’s most for L4 Seciurity Mission and abyssal with missile + dronel… My plan now “create new char for some change” - don’t wanna buy new. Abyssal are boring now like hell…

Was thinking about mining like AFK work or semi AFK… but it’s worth create 1 character for mining AND join some mining corp?? I see on forum very good guide about Mining mission L4. Ofc NullSec for mining with corp. Some ppl say “mining on 1 account?? You need 2-3+ account for mining” - maybe someone have skill plan for this… found this Creating an Alt Miner - EVE University Wiki - but don’t see what skill when on what level.

Second option “exploration” - but you need fly, search and fight with ppl… sometime… don’t have problem with pvp but… can’t decide what to do.

Third was PVP but… my main got good skill shield. ships, weapon so he can fly easy PVP… but maybe char for Fraction Warfare… or stricte for Triglavian (don’t know it’s worth).

Maybe any other option/sugestion… BEST option… character who can afford PLEX buy only by mining/exploring/killing with less work :slight_smile:

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Gas huffing is easily over 100 mil/h So you can combine exploration and mining.

There’s big update to FW coming so there will be lot of content (player activity) for at lest few months to come. Isk from LP is also great.

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ty for mining… hmmm… maybe will wait for this info about FW…

Solo Mining can be boring, but it’s a bit like Solitaire or Tetris, so there’s still potential for those who like that kind of pasttime. Group mining can be fun because of chatting and learning.
Flying raids in a group can also be fun, that’s group PvP either in a Corp or in loose groups like Bombers Bar.
Exploring solo can be thrilling, in this case PvP means reading signs and not to get caught instead of fighting. So is gas huffing in wormholes.

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solo mining only in high sec… but then mission L4 mining… im thinking about null sec corp and mining on 1 account. Mission on main are PRIOR but need some character for easy afk or semi afk when doing somthing. Exploring take some time to… and FW from time to time… not bad too.

For passive income, nothing beats PI. Mining is higher risk, more effort.

PI ? Planet Industry??

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Mining afk you will lose ships. Mining actively is not great earning unless you have multiple toons and if you can multibox there are other things you can do with multiple toons. Like level 5s.

Unless you are into roleplaying an industrial toon there are a tonne of alternative things you can skill into that will have other uses. For instances exploration. What you use to scan down sites can also scan down mission runners or pvp ships. Mining sp can only ever be used for mining.

Hey friend

I use my alt almost strictly for probing and having eyes on my route back to my wormhole. She can also fly an auto fire missile orthrus. Her “gameplay” is fairly afk. I just tab over and move probes and scan while I do the real game on my main. She kicks my main into pvp situations and does a lot of the thankless work. She can fly a decent venture too for some gas huffing.

I think it’s pretty worth having an alt! I live in a wormhole full time too so it’s very useful. I don’t really use her for PI or anything too intense. She is 90% of the time in her Anathema or farming escalations

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