Give low sec its own special mineral

(DrButterfly PHD) #1

Low sec is the most dangerous space in the game, yet the ores there are some of the worst. For this reason nobody mines in low sec. Please give us ores (or moon goos) that are unique to low sec so that the market will value these appropriately and send us miners.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #2

Right now, that is Jaspet because Mexallon.

(DrButterfly PHD) #3

You also get Mex and Nocx in null

(Shallanna Yassavi) #4

Yes, you do, but Mex is the one that always comes up short. It’s the only mineral cheaper in Jita than nullbear space.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #5

Then give special ore only for Mex. Something like velspard. Since for miners going to low is like about 2-4 mil more per hour and risk is 100% more.

And null is more safe than low so miners go there.

(Rowells) #6

I always thought the unique material for lowsec was the salt?

(Daichi Yamato) #7


Or make ore sites require probing again. (so many reasons why that makes life better)

(Cade Windstalker) #8

No matter what CCP adds no one is going to send you miners to kill. Either the miners will find ways to mine without getting killed or the new mineral will go un-mined because no one can mine it without dying. Money making content needs to be ISK-positive for the participant in order for it to function, and that does not align with “please let us kill lots of miners”.

(Hiasa Kite) #9

It’s not so much that miners can’t get to the ore without dying, that’s easy. It’s sitting in space for however many hours necessary without dying in-game and dying from boredom in the process. The mining conundrum requires a solution that allows the miner to defend his assets while simultaneously being AFK.

Those two conditions are somewhat mutually exclusive, at least given the current way mining works.

(Cade Windstalker) #10

Not really, people ninja-mine in Ventures and Prospects all the time in W-space, Low Sec, Null, ect and we’ll probably see more of it with the moon mining changes.

What I said was that people will have to be able to mine it without dying, which means getting back out with enough ore to make their time and risk worth-while.

(Hiasa Kite) #11

Which is my point. You can do the job very easily, but doing it for long enough to be financially viable is tedious. In HiSec, you can stave off the boredom by simply alt-tabbing to anything else, be it EVE related or not; you’ll still make your money, but you won’t get bored staring at a screen while nothing happens bar your ore hold filling up. In LoSec, you can’t get away with such a lack of attention, and it’s because you have to pay more attention that LoSec mining needs to be able to pay significantly more than HiSec, which currently it simply doesn’t.

(DrButterfly PHD) #12

@Hiasa_Kite exactly right. Thanks for the clear articulation.

(Daichi Yamato) #13

I don’t remember who first proposed it, but making 5% and 10% ores 50% and 100% will significantly improve ninja mining.

Finding a good ore sit in low with a chunky 100% ore would be a good reason to form a venture fleet.

(Hiasa Kite) #14

That’d be a good start.

(DrButterfly PHD) #15

If they were only found in low sec, maybe, but even then you risk distorting the market and making low sec too valuable (or still not valuable enough).

Make totally different resources available in high, low and null and then the market will decide the value of each based on their relative difficulty to obtain.

(Daichi Yamato) #16

Not always true.

We could make a new resource that can be used to create t2 components in a different way to existing methods, but their price is still set by t2 components. And they would risk either trashing current obsolete or being pointless themselves.

By making super-condensed ores we can pretty much balance quite fluidly. We can change yield of ores to any number we like. We can change frequency of spawn to any number we like.

As a general rule, the higher the yield and lower the frequency the better it is for ninja mining without influencing the market as much.

(Cade Windstalker) #17

I think you’re missing my point here.

“boredom” honestly doesn’t matter. If you make Low Sec mining significantly more profitable than High or Null mining then people will move in, setup an organized process, and start exploiting the heck out of it with either enough defenses or attentiveness to significantly mitigate losses.

That will also have the effect of, probably, crashing the price since the value of mined product is entirely demand dependent.

In either case you’re not serving the stated goal here of “send us miners”.

Really a kind of foolish goal on the whole here. You’re not going to get miners into low sec unless the carrot on the end of the stick is big enough that what you end up getting is Null bloc miners and those drop dreads if a pirate so much as sneezes in the same system as their mining fleet.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #18

Not if there’s only 10-15k m3 of the good stuff (Prospect/Endurance load), and it doesn’t spawn predictably, and it’s not 9999x as valuable as everything else. Then it’s not worth bringing on the fleet or setting up permanent control of a region.

(DrButterfly PHD) #19

I’d be ok with that.

You guys misinterpret me that i want miners in low just so I have stuff to shoot. Trust me, there’s plenty of stuff to shoot in low already. I want low sec to be valued in the way it should be so that we have stuff to shoot over.

(Cade Windstalker) #20

Then that’s basically Low Sec exploration and we’ve all seen how effective that’s been as a carrot. You can make more ISK doing Low Sec escalation than you can Null for a lot of pirates, but it’s risky and less consistent so people just don’t.

Then move to Null, because if you make Low Sec as valuable as Null you’re going to end up with Null-style blocs in pretty short order.

If you do it with a mineral then you’re going to end up with the literal Null blocs because the only way to make a mineral valuable is to make it needed and scarce relative to that need, and that means the Null groups are either going to want to exploit it or secure a supply for strategic reasons.

There’s not a ton of middle ground here, because Null has quite a bit of profit and is generally safer if you’re joining a big group, and players have shown for years that they’ll take safety and consistent profit over risk and the potential of more profit if it’s not consistent.