Small Citadels

I’d really like a Cit that is 100-200mil ISK or less with almost POS like anchoring times, it’d prob have very little fitting options if any but I’d like it for short time living in rando wh

my design: -150mil ISK -2-3hrs anchor/online time -72hr offline/un-anchor time -no highs/mids/lows -does not require fuel (it can’t equip modules so no need for fuel) -Each character is limited to 2,000,000m3 -Limited HP (since it doesn’t have fuel it is always in low power) -T2 cruiser and down can dock -T2 barges and down can dock -Porpoises and T2 haulers and down can dock

I think something like this would allow new groups to try out the citadel life, or explore ns/wspace more. It’s cheap for a citadel, but not as cheap as a POS

Please give thoughts on more/less to the design, feasability, and other designs alltogether

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I said it before so I’ll just copy it here.

One thing I didn’t mention was that tethering would prob not be available with these, as they’re cheaper and can be set up and torn down fairly quickly. The safety measures of it would be semi-safe, as in some type of shield transfer and armor/hull repair or a POS type of a shield. Most of everything else in your post was accomadated for in my post. ty for the thoughts

why does ccp even have a search function on here

Humor probably.

Really good idea. I am against Renter Space but when a new facility is being talked about,then more power to the design.

A Renters Hub should come password protected which the rental agent would assign the password to access the hub the first time. After that the renter is free to come and go as they please.

A Renters Hub would allow up to 25 Capsuleers to have access to their own personal node in the hub.

Central to each hub and based on the rental agent’s determination a hub could have 10 of the following:

  1. Jump Clone Bay
  2. Ore Compression
  3. Reprocessing Plant
  4. Repair Shop
  5. Docking
  6. Insurance
  7. Limited Manufacturing ( up to three slots per the rental agreement)
  8. Tethered Capacitor Recharging
  9. Tethered Shield Repair
  10. Tethered Armor Repair
  11. Increased Docking Bay Storage (base volume is the size of an Orca with module expansion allowing two more Orca’s to be docked with rigs)
  12. Increased Item Hangar Storage ( base Item storage volume would be 50,000 m/3 with module expansions allowing up to 250,000 m/3 volume worth of items to be stored.)
  13. Market - would allow renters to sell their items on the market to make ISK for the Hub
  14. Renter Hub Sign - allows the rental agent to design a logo for the hub that would be placed above and around the hub similar to a Keepstar.

Being able to be tethered to a hub would be standard as would a fitting service also be standard.

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