Small Structures

How is it going with the small sized structures??
With the Quantum Core changes the price of stations has increased a lot, to a point where I have a hard time to justify the costs.
What I hope for with the small structures would be a single services slot, for the Engineering Complex and Refinery a reduction to the bonuses on the, and for the Citadel a single fighter tube.
I believe this would balance them out since a single service slot will limits what can be done with the structure but still provide the most essential aspect of a structure type.

As an example I would like a small refinery that can run the Hybrid Reactor to process some of the gas I acquire.

You are unlikely to get small structures that provide the same kind of services as medium structures.
Mobile Depots for example are a small structure


As @Nevyn_Auscent said, Iā€™m doubtful we will see anything. Realistically right now the option is a small POS. I believe there was talk of not retiring the POS system until their functionality was mirrored in some way. However I feel CCP kind of painted themselves into a corner with citadels.

what? CCP would never do something shortsighted that bit them in the ass later.

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