Small Structures

Me and a Friend were thinking recently about setting up a base of operations where we could store all of our ships , goods and such. However , the current structures carry too much risk and are way too expensive , especially for just 2-3 people using the structure :confused:
As of now, the current structure would be both unviable and way out of all of our budgets.
I was thinking that there could be a nice-looking cheap structure with docking capabilities and being able to be used as a starbase of sorts but more like the new Upwell structures that we’ve been seeing recently. That way , with a cheaper structure there would be more of a justifiable reason for us ( my group of friends ) to set up a starbase / structure operations without having to worry about breaking our banks as well as having an area to basically be able to have easy trading and storage facilities between us.
It could be either a small engineering complex or to have a smaller version of the Astrahus, really either would work. When I mean small, I mean even less than a Medium , or at least something that could dock a limited amount of ships. It would just be really neat to have a smaller structure that dosen’t cost an extravagant amount of isk to keep running and that wouldn’t be so easily loseable. All 3 of us being college students, we don’t necessary have time to grind or to buy PLEX on so I think it would honestly work out if such a small structure existed. It would be absolutely perfect for such a small group as a base of operations.

the level of redundancy with these posts is getting out of hand

Hey man problem is structure overpopulation is getting out of hand as it is even with the current isk investment. I think you should just save up for an existing structure and set that as a goal to anchor and defend. Once you get decent at making money they are really cheap, even if you can only play like 8 hours a week. Try working on your income a bit it’ll feel gratifying in the end when you get one and see how far you came, then you can set a new goal! Good luck.

-1 No, lets not junk up space anymore.

How about something different - a support module that will take one and only one of the upwell modules. The support module has a 24-48 hour life once deployed. It can be recovered, and can be repaired for a cost that is equal to building 2 modules new times the percent of life left. If it fails there is no safe for the stuff in it, it is all jet canned to space. No timers, shield, armor and structure. No slots, no rigs. Just a basic holder for the module - that can allow it to run.

IT might be a compressor for ore, or a refinery, or a …

But the timer starts running as soon as the module hits space.

For corps who want to ninja mining, or mobile mission or …

Allows more access to upwell modules and create a potential point of conflict

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