CCP investigating small structures for daytripping/beachheads/small corporations

So this was posted on twitter earlier. So long as they’re much easier to take down then the current upwell structures it will be great for smaller corps and daytrippers.

Twitter is still a thing?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Why wouldn’t it be? People are desperate for attention after all. Views, followers, likes and whatever else there is all give those dopamine hits everyone’s chasing.

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Yes, fozzie explained about the upcoming structures during his presentation, that apparently nobody watched, they are looking to replace POS towers with a smaller structure to enable people to spend more time in places like wormholes and to enable beachheads for ops etc, they are still a little ways away though as they need to sort out cyno jammers/beacons and the replacements for jump bridges

This is how they’re gauging a “fix” for war I guarantee it.
Intel overhaul, nahhh
Unfuck crime watch, nahhh
Kill off neutral logi, nahhh
Unfuck cost scaling, nahhh

Slap a structure on it and call it a day … :thinking:

we need mechanism reevaluated , not this crap.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand the relation. Why would these player FOBs be in any way related to wars?

More potential litter to be cleaned up, I’ll grab my space broom.

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Just wait.

Because its a staging point, think of something that has some sort of basic defences of maybe a cut down POS bubble you can use as a staging point for cyno alts, there are uses for this sort of thing

The potential is that as a 'Starter structure for small corporations" these could be combined with a wardec mechanics change, limiting wars to only being against corporations that own a full structure (POS, POCO, Upwell) and these could be deployed by corps and not expose them to war.

I think Ralph is afraid that could be the entire solution to war issues.

I hope not, because it wouldn’t stop the whining, nor fix the current issues.

However, if these are individual player owned, these could be awesome.

From what I read earlier and saw on the Keynotes and such they said the key thing if you don’t have something in space you don’t have any skin in the game I think that means are going to work on the War deck mechanic some different way so I’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in time

I already came up with model some time ago. Something like a small POS with functionality and practicality of it, but not using POS code.


Dont look at properties, it would be rather a CCP thing to balance it. These are the basic ones. Balancing, modules, anchoring, all of it is rather not my specialty.

From the round table via Reddit:

Obviously just initial thoughts and not a final design.

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Even more structure spam. Don’t do that. Those things will be everywhere or useless.

No docking? Well, that would imply it would be rather small, some kind of platform with storage and services accessible thru the right click menu. Not a mini citadel, but rather glorified depot.

Nothing will ever stop the whining as long as the whiners are given room for whining in the first place. Absolutely nothing. It does not matter how they change the wardec mechanics, as long as they do not change everything around them.

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