Upwell Structures

Looking at how Upwells will replace existing structures. Based on the existing structures of Starbases, NPC stations, and Outposts. So I think there should be enough space on one citadel to fit all of the relevant service modules. So a medium can fit modules except cap and super cap shipyards. The Keepstar could fit everything, with one exception. There would also be a XL refinery, to match the other two classes. Because Citadel Doomsday Devices, and Moon Mining Lasers fit in a special dedicated slot like a siege mode does on the dread. So only Refineries can fit the big tractor beam/laser moon mining service, and only the Keepstar can carry a DD. But any XL structure can carry a super cap shipyard, or moon minerals reactors. Since the rigs on an Upwell structure are already limited to one per type, there’s no real reason to not allow all of them on one structure. (Basically smashing all the Outpost variants together.)

Can this be moved to player suggested ideas?