QOL: Upwell Structures filtered by size (in overview and dscan)

Currently its possible to filter Upwell Structures only by type (Citadels, Engineering Complexes, Refineries) and not by size (M, L, XL). So for example you cant have only Fortizars displayed and all Astrahuses and Keepstars hidden. Dunno what best approach would be to solve this, if adding size option to overview settings or display all structure names there (there is currently only one type of each).

thx for reading

Why is this necessary? How would this be of benefit to anyone? My initial gut reaction is that this is an unnecessary degree of granularity.

Couldn’t you just use the structure browser to find what you want? why does this filtering specifically need to be in overview and dscan?

Because right now, with current changes to abandoned structures its too risky to have items in Astrahuses. Therefore i dont want to use them, so there is no reason for me to have them in overview. But there is no way to filter them out.

I’m not following your logic. How are structure size and power state related? Knowing the size of the structure isn’t going to tell you if it is in low power mode, or abandoned.

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Exactly. Do you know how many Unfitted Fortizars there are showing up on zKill? It’s an embarrassingly high number… Stupidity/irresponsibility doesn’t go down just because structure size goes up.

I agree with you. In some systems all I want on my overview is Keepstar / Sotiyo and Fortizar’s. I don need the rest.
So XL will only show Keepstar’s and Sotiyos, Large Azbel, Fortizar, Tatara and small all the others. If you are in a capital ship and you need to dock fast just having Structures on OV that you can dock in helps instead of half a dozen or so.
Fortizar’s should also use XL rigs as capital ships can dock in them.

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