Make it posible to hide /ignore upwell structures

In my everyday flying around I move do a lot in a few systems which have a lot of different upwell structures. I have access to all of them which is cool, but some of them I dont use a lot. so when I look over the system and want to dock in like this asterhus I have to carefully find it (or make it a waypoint) but its the only asterhus i use in this system the other 6 I dont care about. same goes for the other structures. I normally move around a few structures but since there are more than one of some of them finding the right one can be a hazzle (if I dont waypoint em) removing citadels from overview is not an option. but being able to hide/ignore the structures I dont use could help me a lot in this case.

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Bookmark the ones you want to use and then remove structures from your overview. You can set 8 overview tabs so have one where they’re still visible.

Ohh I do use that feature but it still get cluttered up hince why I would like some other option.

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