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We had a structure in a system somewhere in eve.

Their are in total nine other structures in this system. If whilst in space I right clicked and selected the structures option I saw our former structure and one other, the others although in space did not show and you would have to search for them.

My question is how do you set a structure so it dose not show on this list like the others in our system? Should we setup another structure in the future I would love to have it setup where you could not just right click select structures see it and warp right to it.


Any structure you do not have docking access to does not show up on the overview as far as I know. (Edit: unless you’re on grid with it) And I guess it also does not show up in the rightclick menu like you said, but I never use that option.

You can still find those structures on dscan, in the map of the system or as blue icons in space if your sensor overlay is turned on. Or you can get the full list of structures on a tab when you look at the information window of that system.

So all you need to do to ‘hide’ a structure from other players is to give them no docking access.

Thank you!

That makes sense. I know structures can be found with probes and D-scan I just didn’t like our structure standing out like a saw thumb on the overview and structure list for everyone to see. My experience of war decker’s is that they are essentially lazy and if they actually have to look for my structure it’ll be much less likely to be attacked.


I’m no structure owner, but I guess if you want it to be a little harder to find your structure, put it:

  • with very limited docking access
  • in a not-so-often traveled system
  • not on a gate or station grid
  • outside D-scan range of gates and stations

People will always be able to find it, but they are much less likely to accidentally spot a structure like that.

You don’t need d scan or probes to find a structure. All structures appear in space for everyone.

However without docking access you can’t see them on the overview or the rclick menu.

I wouldn’t worry to much about war deccers because they can see your structure, best bet not to lose it is 1) dont piss them off in general 2) make sure it isnt to easy of a target and 3) dont try to be competition with someone that can attack you or pay someone else to

Ive had a structure up for quite a while now with no issues. Diplomacy is also a good thing to work on when trouble does arise. Both in making war deccers not want to dec you and having allies to help defend in the worst case scenario.

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