Structure Blue Markers

Currently when a structure is in space there is a blue marker that shows where all structures are.

Can CCP look at the possibility of this blue bracket not displaying for structures that do not have docking rights.
This would make it possible to have a structure in a system that can be detected by D-Scan and then you have to probe it down to find it.

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The marker only marks it for convenience. It doesn’t do anything to the ability to warp to structure (ie. If the structure icon is in space, even without the blue marker, you can still warp to it).

But needing to probe structures you have no docking rights for. Why?

Ones you have docking rights for will appear in the overview and there is an arrow showing that you have docking rights.

OK then remove both the structure brackets and icon in space unless you have access.
It is about having a structure in a system that can be hidden unless someone actually scans it down (ie in a deep safe).
Not everything in EVE needs to be easy and say here I am come shoot me.

So it’s just to increase safety.

Then -1

Not sure how you can increase safety. Just means people actually have to work to find a structure.
But thank you for your input.

Making people do work doesn’t seem to be the root reason for this proposal.

So why should people have to do more work to find structures?

Im sorry I thought EVE was all about getting people to do stuff. You know, everyone needs to moon mine now.

Anomalies are big green icons in space here I am, structures big blue beacons which do the same.
Relic sites are big red icons in space. Even though they need to be scanned they still provide a rough area of here I am.

But dear me if someone has to do actually do something to do PvP then how can that be.

For me I was hoping I could anchor a structure and store some ships to do a little harassment. Hopefully having the people I tease (especially in WH space) scratching their heads going WTF.

Ah, so it’s about safety for you and not for others.

And this gets to the core of your point. You want people to wtf where they don’t know what is happening. You want your structure to be hidden, so it is safer from others.

This would also make all non-Freeport structures safer, hence -1 from me.

Let them all be shot, then defend it. Content for everyone without this change.

To some extent you are right about safety I agree with you, but it would also mean I need to scan their structures.

I am happy to scan things down to shoot. It doesn’t make them safer, just means you need to look harder.
Hence the original concept of EVE. Not everyones cup of tea.

They don’t really need to do any work to find structures. Enter system, open view for what is in system like normal, get complete list of what exists by name.

Thats right there is also the structure viewer. I forgot about that aspect.
Hhmm it is really easy to kill things.

Open what view?

You really don’t know? The one that lists the planets, moons, npc stations, and player stations?

Solar System: Information.

Try it next time you’re out there.

This has some info also.

Because it’s common knowledge:

There are 47 Structures in Perimeter. I don’t even need to be there to see this.

No that tab in the solar system information window is fine.

I thought you were going to say overview. In that case, the overview doesn’t show all structures.

But sure, from the structures tab of the solar system information window, yes you can warp to any structure from there.

So then it just comes down to the line drawn in the sand on what constitutes “work”. I’d personally argue there isn’t work in anything in the game, since it’s just a game. But that’s not the physics use of the word, which would stay that any expendiure of a force on an object, whether that be a mouse, keyboard, etc.

So knock yourself out with whatever definition you want to apply. I wasn’t intending for my use of the word to mean much at all other than that requiring work wasn’t the reason this proposal was made (despite that being used as the reason).

Sometimes it does for a few seconds…

Have you bug reported, because it isn’t supposed to and that isn’t my experience at all?

It’s an ancient bug from when they made citadels in the first place. You get about 2 seconds of them existing grayed out in overview and they pop away. It’s not like they’re hard to find anyway. Planets have limited space.

this was added to keep the balance in wh space. with a pos you can warp right to the moon once you d-scan it

they don’t need to be placed on planets though

Ok looking at this suggestion.
I agree with Scipio Artelius that it does make a structure safer. Not going to play on words about work etc.

My thoughts are yes safer structure which could potentially allow for clandestine operations until the structure is located which will eventually happen.

So from what I can see currently the Structure Browser only shows structures that you have access to.
D-Scan obviously shows structures and you can warp to them.
The System Info also only lists structures that you have access to.

So the Blue Come Shoot me Bracket IMO just makes it to easy.

Depends. There are multiple ways to see structures in a system:

In addition to the structure browser, there is also the system information (right click on the system name and select show info) and the overview.

The system info structure tab shows all structures from what I understand, whether or not there are docking rights.

You can right click in any of those windows and select warp to 0.