Remove visible Upwell structure anchor timers

I would like to see a change on anchoring of upwell structures. If you could remove the visible anchor timer then it would make for interesting gameplay. I fear it may promote more camping but gives the defender a slight bit more of an edge.

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I honestly don’t think that’s a good idea. Hiding the timer only gives the defender the advantage of Obscurity. If you place down a structure and a nearby entity sees it, they should definitely have the opportunity to attack it. The defender already has the choice to determine when the structure will come out and can make that time as beneficial to themselves as possible. And unless the attackers are watching you drop the structure (which renders this idea moot) then it becomes a major headache to have to watch it for however many hours until it comes out. Ok top of that, once it onlines, they have only 15 minutes to actually form and attack, whereas the defender knew the time all along and is prepared well beforehand.

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I must disagree for the same reasons stated by @Rowells. If you anchor a citadel in our space, we want to know how long we have to kill it before you can put guns on it.

It’s not so big a deal for an Astra, but a Fort and especially a Keep become extremely hard to deal with once they’re fortified.

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sure if the vuln window is moved to 5 hours.


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