Upwell Timer Mechanics....another EvE WTF

So here we go again trying to sort out how the dev’s have applied scrambled logic to yet another feature of the game.

Recently we decided to go and blow up some abandoned citadels, you know, the stuff that has not been brought online since the new changes to upwell stuff. So off we go with guns loaded and drones polished and start plugging away at stationary objects that don’t shoot back.

Over the course of 3 or 4 days we put … um… lets say 8 structures into reinforced mode. The first one gives us a timer of 11 days 23 hours and 59 minutes, the next one gives us a timer that is 45 minutes less than the first one, the third is 90 minutes less than the first one, the fourth is 6 days and a few hours and minutes and so on until all of them have been hit.

So we review, and we see that even though we hit these things on different days and different times, they all are ready to get popped within minutes of each other 7 days from now.

So the question is, what defines the amount of time shown on the final timer? Is it determined by the amount of fittings and rigs mounted on the structure?

Keep in mind, all the structure we hit were in low power mode, some are astrahus, some are raituru, some are azbel etc, but they all come out within minutes of each other…kinda strange.

Any help on this?

Looks like you need to read about Upwell 2.0 new reinforcement method.

Assuming you are talking about all the structure timers coming up at the same time, that would make a lot of sense since the day and time is set by the owner. If they were all owned by the same people, then it would be a good idea for them to put everything at the same time and force you to chose which to blow up (and waste all your bashing other structures). These pre-set day of the week and time of day are done when deploying, so will happen regardless of structure type and low/high power status. Or at least that’s my understanding of it.

If the owners never set a timeframe, then they were all preset to something like Saturday 18:00 IIRC (I’d have to go back and look at the devblog). There’s a +/- 2 hour window to either side of that that the timer can fall into and that is potentially modified by the requirement to have a 5.5 day gap between armor and hull in high-sec (I assume this is in high-sec given the length). So for example:

Say you did hit it on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. Structure window is 18:00 Saturday. Minimum time is 5.5 days and then it finds the next window. That will give you your 11 days, etc. because 5.5 days from Tuesday is Sunday and you have to find the next Saturday window. Simliarly for anything after that. Then +/- 2 hours gives you the variance you see as to the exact time around 18:00

It might be 19:00. I don’t remember exactly.

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Thanks for the reply, here is a bit more info, all the stuff we hit is owned by different corps, in different systems, different sec stats etc. I have tried to read as much stuff as possible to narrow down what I don’t know…I just don’t know what I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

We have actually put over 30 into reinforced mode and noticed the timer thing has groups of them coming out almost at the same time. We have the pilots to deal with it, and for the most part we can predict the time of day it will be ready to kill, but when you hit a raituru on Tuesday at 3pm and an astrahus on Friday at 4am and they both drop a timer that expires next Thursday at noon it makes you wonder just how this timer thing is determined.

You are spot on with this mate, we have actually sorted that part out to, we do most of our initial strikes on Tuesdays and then the finals on Saturdays, and probably spot on about the abandoned structures being on the default timers, we just found it odd that stuff was literally all ready to go on the same day/hour/minute even when hit days apart,

Thanks for your reply


I just re-read your link and this should have dawned on me sooner, upwells can be hacked, I totally gapped on this while sorting out the cheapest ship fits to kill the damned things with…lolz…

tx m8

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Looks like one that has the default timer on it, if they never changed the timer after the change then they will have similar exit times

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