New citadel timer clarification please

Would just like some clarification on the upcoming citadel timer changes.

Are they actually happening? I can’t seem to find any concrete details on it, only mention of it happening.

From how I understand it from other forum posts is:

Attacker chooses when they want to do 1st timer.

Attacker chooses day, defender chooses time on 2nd.

Defender chooses day and time on 3rd provided a module is online, no module no 3rd timer.

Do these rules apply no matter where the structure is? IE wormholes?

Wormholes atm is simply 24 hours between each 3 timers.

Do these changes give wormhole structures the 7 day flexibility on 3rd timer like everywhere else, or are they still going to be 24 hours between each?

That article provides the details you requested.

Also remember, these are proposed changes for Q1 2018, so nothing will probably change for the next 5-6 months.

Thank you much appreciated.

The one point I’m still a bit confused about is the hull primetime timer.

Keeping wormholes in mind, if I chose Wednesday 0200 eve time as my primetime, attacker reinforces shield on let’s say, Saturday, armor timer will be Sunday, does this mean Monday is hull timer or on the primetime slot chosen being the Wednesday?

I can see it was stated as 1 day for wormholes, however in the bold print states attacker could have to wait upto a week to kill structure. This is where I’m a touch confused.

Wormholes will have the shortest timers, so likely just 24 hours between each timer so we can still siege a system in a weekend.

There’s going to be a devblog or a forum-post about this when the release of this is closer.

if your chosen prime time is wednesday 02:00h eve time, the hull timer will always be wednesday 02:00h eve time. The 1-day, 3-day or 7-day delay only affects which wednesday 02:00h the timer will occur at.

e.g. your structure’s shields are reinforced friday on 01:00h eve time. At least 24h later, and on your primetime hour (so saturday 02:00h eve time), shield reinforcement ends, and the armor becomes vulnerable. (if the shield reinforcement happened friday 04:00h, the reinforcement would end sunday 02:00h, because that is the first occurrence of your primetime hour at least 24h after the shield reinforcement started).

e.g. your structure’s armor is reinforced saturday 03:00h. If it is in a wormhole, there is only a 24h delay, so sunday 03:00h is the earliest the armor reinforcement can end. but the reinforcement can only end on a wednesday 02:00h, because that is what the defender specified. so, about 3 days after the delay ends, the armor reinforcement actually ends, on wednesday 02:00h.

If your structure was in highsec instead, after it enters armor reinforcement on saturday 03:00h, the 7-day delay starts, and the earliest the armor reinforcement can end is the next saturday 03:00h. But after that, armor reinforcement still remains until the next primetime slot after the end of the delay. So, in effect, in this case, the attacker has to wait 10 days until armor reinforcement ends.

I don’t think so. I also think you all have to realize there are 2 separate time selections.

One is prime time. The other is prime day. These seem to be separate.

So say I pick a prime time of 2:00pm. I pick a day of Wednesday.

If you attack me on Saturday at 1:00pm, you kill my shields. On Sunday at 2:00pm, you can attack my armor. If you attacked my shield on Saturday at 3:00pm, you could attack my armor on Monday at 2:00pm.

The idea is that armor timer happens at your next selected prime time that occurs a minimum of 24 hours after entering that first reinforce time.

The structure can be attack on your prime day, at your prime time following a delay of X days after the armor is destroyed. X is:

1 day for WH
3 for nul and low
7 for hi

Or whatever the blog says.

That is… exactly what I said, no?

Except I used the term “Primetime hour” for what you refer to as “prime time”, and “Primetime” for what you would refer to as “prime time on prime day”. I did so because what you refer to as “prime day” itself has no applicability, except when combined with what you refer to as “prime time”.

Besides terminology differences, we aren’t disagreeing at all.

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