New Round Structure Timers?

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What is the new rules for where the structure is in the type of space it is and how long the reinforcement timer is from round 1 and round 2 is? I see 22 to 50 hours, but I just got a highsec round 2 timer that was 25 hours. It used to be atleast 1.5 days to get a round two timer in the time zone of the defenders for round 2 in highsec. Whats the rule now?

That is normal behavior under the upwell 2.0 rules.


Specifically this paragraph:

First reinforcement cycles last for between 22 and 50 hours, depending on when the attack takes place relative to the structure’s reinforcement time and on a random element. When a structure enters this first reinforced mode it determines when to become vulnerable again by looking forward to the next reinforcement time that takes place at least 24 hours after it entered reinforced mode and randomly adding or subtracting some amount time up to two hours in either direction. This means that the structure owners will always have about one day’s notice that they need to form for a fight, and that the fight will take place at a random time within a four hour window centered on the time chosen by the defender. This also means that an attacker with proper investigation can plan for approximately when the structure will leave its first reinforcement period and control what day that reinforcement exit takes place to generate conflicts on dates of their choosing.

Okay, because round 2 timers where usually at least 1.5 days in advance in high sec. Did not notice that change until now and it surprised me. Thanks for the information.

You are very welcome. Fly safe, capsuleer. o7

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