Citadel Reinforcement Timers? (Answered)

I need some confirmation, when a Structure is in LP and i reinforce it, how long will it be reinforced for??? Will it be the Final Timer the Opposing force has selected, I.E. Sunday 01:00, or will it be 24-48 hours from time of reinforcement??

“If a full power mode structure loses its armor hit-points (or if a low power mode structure loses its shield hit-points) the structure enters a final reinforcement period. The duration of final reinforcement cycles depends on when the structure enters the reinforcement, what reinforcement day the owner of the structure has chosen, and the area of space the structure is located within.”

The structure will go into its final reinforcement phase which will occur on the day and time selected by the owner.

This timer will be at least 5.5 days in highsec, 2.5 days in lowsec and nullsec, and 0.5 days in wormhole space.

If the structure is in High Sec and it goes into its final reinforcement timer, then 5.5 days must pass PLUS as long as it would take before the day and time selected by the defender comes to pass, plus or minus up to two hours.

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Thank you sir. I was also wondering about the Minimum and you answered that question without asking :stuck_out_tongue:

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