Reinforcement Timer for Citadels

Hi pundits,
We have a nice little Astrahus in a WH which was attacked in the last days (nobody of us was in the wh at that time) and now it’s just in hull/structure. If it was a ship, I would try to dock asap…
Now i’m just a user, no manager, and have no access to its combat logs. But after some reading (lovely written: Citadel Guide, official Helpdeks), I’m not sure about when the final attack has to happen: The reinforcement timer says 4 days and some hours, but all the guides say in WH it’s just one day.
This forum help is quite accurate. For my situation, the last sentence would be as follows:
If the structure is in WH Space and it goes into its final reinforcement timer, then 1 day must pass PLUS as long as it would take before the day and time selected by the defender comes to pass."

So am I right that as long as this reinforcement timer is running, the station is invulnerable? That means we have a very distinct attack time.

And an additional question: If no attacker shows up, after 15 minutes will it be fully repaired (but still vulnerable as long as set in the weekly schedule), or does repairing take some time?

Yes. When it elapses, the fight for the hull timer begins.

Yes, it will be fully repaired.

Check out this devblog for the current mechanics regarding Upwell structures:

For the hull timer, it is always at the time (+/- 2 hours) that is set by the station owner, even in wormholes. The only difference between the sectors of space is the minimum time before the vulnerability window takes effect, which in wormholes is 12h while in highsec is 5.5 days. That means if the owner sets the vulnerability window to Sunday night, and the armor timer is reinforced on Saturday night, the hull timer will start the next day (greater than 12 hours) in a wormhole, but in highsec, the timer won’t occur for 8 days (the next vulnerability window after the 5.5 day minimum).


Got further news, the attackers blow up wh stations every weekend with T2-T3 fleets.
So this looks like a fight with a big bang. Any recording software/program tip for Win10? Perhaps I’ll have at least nice footage of my miserable struggle and the nice explosion :wink:

You can use OBS (Open Broadcast Software, Download here), you can record the raw data (will require a lot of disk space) or I believe that you can record and encode at the same time (will require a lot of CPU power)

I thought this question looked familiar. I’ve updated my original response to include the changes mentioned in the article @Black_Pedro linked to save future forum searchers some hassle. I wish you luck in battle and in getting some memorable video to show for the effort!

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What’s worse to miserably lose a fight?
Not be able to show up.

They podded all of us when bookmarking WH entries this morning and made them collapse soon after.
Well done, they know what they do…

Aaaaand it’s gone:

Sorry to hear you missed out on getting your video this time. For what it’s worth, I think you’ll go far with your mature attitude. Might take a few tries to get there, is all.

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