Can anyone explain how structure reinforcements timers work?

is there a timer for shield then armor, or is there just a timer for shield then 1d20 hours later you get to destroy a structure. {in hi sec under wardec scenario}

All details are nicely explained and pictured here and here


  1. When highsec war is declared then actual war and fighting can start 24 hours later.
  2. When war is started the attack at shields can happen anytime (the shield is vulnerable all time).
  3. Once shield is destroyed the structure is reinforced for minimum 24 hours and exits reinforcement around time configured by its owner (“armor timer”). Armor becomes vulnerable for attack.
  4. Once armor is destroyed then scenario is different for “Full Power” and “Low Power” structure. If structure is running “Full Power” (is fueled and has at least one service module active) then it becomes reinforced again for minimum 5.5 days in highsec and exits reinforcement around time and day of week configured by its owner. Hull becomes vulnerable for attack (“hull timer”). But if it is running “Low Power” then there is no hull timer. Hull is vulnerable for attack immediately after armor is destroyed.
  5. Once hull is destroyed the structure explodes.

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