11 days citadel reinforse ? What?

http://joxi.ru/ZrJQqp0h9BZP7A ???

i dont see 11 days i see squibly lines :confused:

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Looks like someone does’nt read updates…

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Hi there, thanks for the post,

To explain this slightly for you, a structures final reinforcement always takes place at least X days later, somewhere within the defenders chosen 4 hour window on their chosen day of the week. X is determined by that area of space (0.5 days for Wormhole space, 2.5 days for Lowsec and Nullsec space, 5.5 days for Highsec space) You can hack a structure using a Relic or Data Analyzer to determine when this window is.

All this taken together means that under this new system a random unscouted attack against a full power Upwell structure could lead to a set of reinforcement timers with a maximum combined duration of 14 days in highsec, 11 days in nullsec and lowsec, and 9 days in W-space. However, a prepared attacker that hacks the structure for its reinforcement information ahead of time can ensure that those durations drop to 7 days in highsec, 4 days in lowsec and nullsec and 2 days in W-space. This highlights the importance of hacking potential target structures to obtain the best possible information for your planning.

Full information can be found in the Dev Blog we released around a month ago.

I hope this clears this up for you

Happy Hunting!

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so much for being able to take out citadels faster.

  1. No more shield timer: Check!
  2. Low-power mode for handling citadel spam: Check!
  3. The ability to hack the structure and find an ideal time to attack: Check!

These are all marked improvements over the old system. All will result in the EASIER death of a citadel. Defenders don’t need their stuff killed faster, attackers just need to not die of boredom while they’re killing it.

you forgot the “/s”

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Is this a joke…I don’t get it, why scribble over the screenshot, unless CCP will get upset because “omg” we see players names doing PVP.

Certain individuals are likely to see the system name and go pay them a visit. I’m willing to bet it’s his home space. And since we all know that russians are renters… (yes… /s…)

yeah but the reason why a lot of people didn’t kill them in the first place was it took a week to kill one with all the timers, now the new timers that would have shortened it is now 1-2 weeks.

you can get the week to kill it before but you have to put more effort into it than before just to get that week, if you don’t put effort into it there may be up to 2 weeks with the timers.

There were a lot of things that make killing citadels annoying:

  1. Timezone tanks suck
  2. They can drop them faster than you can kill them
  3. DPS caps are decidedly anti-sandbox, though I know why they do it.

Pain point one got reduced dramatically. A regular citadel the first timer is on my terms, followed by two on the defender’s terms. That’s technically a 33% improvement in timezone tanking. On a low power citadel, it’s a 66% improvement because it goes straight to the hull timer. That’s major.

Pain point two, see above. Low power means you can’t just spam citadels and expect it to stop someone from evicting you from space. Now the one remaining “timer” you have to show up for (as you can attack shields whenever you want) is just a single engagement pilots have to show up for. You’ll see them show up for that a lot more, because you can attack during your primetime and then the single scheduled fight has a killmail on it.

Pain point three, as said, it has a reason for being there. I don’t like it, but it has a reason.

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