Decommissioning structures and WarDec

Background: I am a single player in a corp (High Sec) holding a few structures in the hopes of making some isk that way by providing moons to mine at and an engineering structure for players to construct at.

I was in the process to decommission an Athanor to replace it at a more profitable moon with better ore to benefit me and the rest oft the players in system.

So there was 4 days left of the 7 days for the decommissioning process and I got WarDecced. They then shot at this decommissioning Athanor past shield and structure to hull and it went into reinforcement with a new timer. After which they proceeded to kill it.

It is the state of the game and the WarDeccers get their kicks that way, i understand this. My grief is that I was decommissioning the structure, had 4 days left, got wardecced and then there is a new timer, why is that ? Why is the timer not the 4 days ( the time left on the decommissioning process ). Why did it get a new timer allowing the wardeccers to group up and kill a defenceless structure. Why can I not take it out of decommissioning and put defences on the structure to try and save it. I just had to sit there and see it die ?

It feels wrong to me ?

Any structure has the decommissioning timer reset if the structure is successfully reinforced (see here: The rationale being you should have to defend your structure if someone has begun the process of trying to explode it. If they had just wardecced you and not shot your structure, then it would not have had the timer reset.

I agree, the fact that the shield can be reinforced now 24/7 does give an attacker an tool to prevent a structure from being decommissioned by constantly troll reinforcing a structure in an off time zone, but that does require some effort and doesn’t really seem to be a wide-spread problem, especially in highsec where a wardec is necessary. But in this case, there was no trolling as the attackers followed through with their assault so everything is working as intended - you had one or two timers set by you to show up, or arrange for someone to show up to defend your structure. A battle was fought, and objectives were secured/lost presumably with 'gf’s all around.

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Great explanation, thank you.

I did commend the attacker on the kill of the station, and as i said, no hard feelings.


I know where there is a new one you could buy not to far from a group of people who would turn up to defend you look us up nnnpi

Thanks for the offer… The wardec is still ongoing, looks like they are not interested on relenting. I will probably loose all the structures, that is okay too. Was fun having them :smiley:

Maybe I will look you up after this war is done, or, just not bother any longer.

Look mate maybe the alliance I’m part of could help you out if not maybe my corp or friends of my corp might be able to help you seems a shame to lose structures over not being able to call on help message nnnpi and we will see if we can’t assist you or maybe we call in some backup for ya have a good night fly fast

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