Structure question

been out of game for a bit, IRL issues, got back, am not 100% up to speed on the new structures stuff

decided i wished to remove my structure and relocate it else were (after i get fully educated on them), i removed all the modules ect… it goes into “low power” mode… then click the button that i want to dismantle it… so gotta wait 7 days for it to do its thing. cool… next day, i am wardec’d, ok, no problem, day after that, they shoot up the shields and armor because it is in low power mode… and now it is in reinforced mode

question. will the structure continue to disassemble itself and i scoop it up after the 7 days… or will i have to repair it all and start another 7 day cycle?? (assumeing the wardecers don’t blow it up)

its going to die. that much is for certain.

^^ Preacher tellin the truth and it hurts.

To answer your question directly, the process of unanchoring stops when the structure enters reinforced mode, and must be started again.

During the 7 days of decommissioning the structure will undergo its usual vulnerability hours. If the structure is successfully attacked during a Vulnerability window, the Decommissioning process will be cancelled and the structure will proceed through its normal vulnerability cycle.

Also, afaik, the wardec will have cancelled the unanchoring as you can’t unanchor them with an active war, so yeah, its gonna assplode :stuck_out_tongue:

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