Is counterattacking even possible?

Wardec’d (on my main - I’m not remotely stupid enough to post this on my main) by a jackass who wardec’s ANY corp (who can be wardec’d) who dares to mine HIS ice field so he can attack their miners.

My alliance has little tolerance for this kind of buffoonery so we attacked HIS HQ within 3 minutes of the war going live and got his shields down in about three hours.

Next day we got his shields down in about two.

The luck-of-the-draw reinforcement timer for hull puts him about five hours outside the end of the war timer itself and there appears to be not a damned thing we can do about it.

We can’t extend it. He won’t extend it (unless he’s an even bigger idiot than I think he is). We can’t wardec HIM because we’re already AT war with him.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, a serious flaw in war as it stands.

Allowing a jackass to effectively tie up an alliance for a week, put us in a position of expending half a billion isk in ammunition, and not being able to discover until after we’ve done all of that that it’s not POSSIBLE to press the war to it’s conclusion is just ridiculous.

More, it’s manifestly unfair. WE DIDN’T START THIS. He did. And it should be possible to make him pay for it. Right now, he’s out nothing at all.

He’s wardec’d literally HUNDREDS of mining corps in the last year and he gets away with it every time because of this BS.

Other than “Because daddy CCP says so” what is the reason for this? It seems to make counterattacking utterly pointless, less than pointless because it’s expensive in time and isk.

I’m not suggesting I’ll take my six omega accounts and unsub. I’m suggesting that this is manifestly unfair and needs to be addressed.

If a station is under attack, the 24-hour “hostilities may continue” needs to include pressing the attack on the station itself. Right now, it only includes ship-to-ship combat.

Alternatively, the final timer needs to be capped to end with, say, three hours of time before the war expiration minus any time wasted by the side attacking the station (which in our case would have been about 10 minutes total, we were johnny-on-the-spot on each window).

Oh, and before anyone suggests it, I’ve got two open support tickets (days old and unreplied to) and my alliance partner opened a bug report on this (also days old and unreplied to). CCP doesn’t seem interested in addressing this directly.



Nothing any of us can do since you already submitted tickets, and this doesn’t seem to be a high priority for CCP, so you’ll hear from them soon ™

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I’m not at home with HS war mechanics, but this seems to be an immense flaw of the war HQ implementation.

The whole point of war HQ is that people can fight back, right? It is nothing but ridiculous that it can be impossible to kill a war HQ within the duration of a war. Fix this CCP.


This made me laugh :slight_smile:

But OP has a (good) point… I can think of two possible (in game) solutions:

  1. Get your best Alliance Diplomat on the job, have him convince ‘the moron’ (aka peeps dec’ing you) that it really would be a good idea to extend the dec, for ‘reasons’… they’re diplomats, it’s what they do!

  2. Psychological warfare! Start chatting in local about how the day after the war ends your planning on running the most Officer Fit Mining Fleet New Eden has ever seen!! and they wont’ be able to resist not extending!


That’s all I could come up with, sry… it seems that the ‘ability to defend ones high sec structure’ really breaks high sec wars… crazy no one @CCP thought of this, it’s not like wars only really affect people in high sec… oh wait :thinking: SNAFU!



So many words because you dont know the mechanics :slight_smile: and yes it is possible what you want

You can.
During the 24h cool down period a wardec from you will go live instantly.


Did you do it yourself ? I’m asking because it seems to fix the issue of OP, but going with non-verified information may lead to OP doing wrong move. So is there any source, so as to make a ticket in case it does not happen ?

No idea how wardecs work but could you form another corp with an alt and dec through that?


I believe, though I may be wrong, this passage in the dev blog, linked immediately afterward, is what Nevyn is referencing, but he will have to verify that himself (Nevyn could be thinking of something else entirely.)

After the March release, either side of a war that is within its 24 hour cooldown period can choose to declare a new war instantly to replace the old one. This new war is subject to the same billing and eligibility requirements as any other war, but instead of starting a 24 hour warmup period it will begin instantly with shooting allowed.

Since both the attacker and defender of this new war will already be able to shoot at each other thanks to the old war, there is no need for the 24 hour warning


ty, therefore it should be possible.

just make the war Mutual.
if that all pisses you so off. why not milk him dry? set up traps with friends etc.
there are enough ways to teach those peoples a lesson and showing them that it might be not a good idea to wardec your corp.

however, the easiest solution for this is, make an alt corp, putt your miner chars in there and add that corp to your stations that corpmembers can reprocess or whatever for free. a corp which has no player owned station cant be wardecced. with other words, ya can show him your tongue. … or finger if you want to break the ToS xD

Half a billion in ammo.

lol who’s the stupid here…


who’s the space poor here …
Jealous, insulting, arrogant, aggressive spacepoor. Thinking he has a word to say.

We approached it from two sides.

  1. The attacker also, after we had gotten him down to Hull, started a war with ANOTHER mining corp (why I have no idea). We offered to assist them and they accepted, so THEIR timer flowed to us.

  2. I also tried the wardec thing on him and that did, in fact, work. It is not, however documented in the most recent support article about how wars work and having to dig this crap out piecemeal from umptydozen sources is a confusing process at best even when CCP isn’t typoing or leaving important facts out of their updates.

Thank you all for the help, though. It was much more effective than anything I got from the “Help” channel in game (including explicitly asking if I could wardec THEM immediately after - I was told there that I’d have a 24 hour wait).

The “Half a billion in ammo” was mostly my partner who is . . . let’s say he’s a little OCD about maximimzing damage. I did most of my damage with drones, believe it or not, augmented by cruise missiles (Tech I) and heavy assault missiles (Tech I). I chided him about wasting the money and on round three, he went back to standard ammo.

It was my alliance that was wardec’d not my corp. MY corp is split into two corps - a holding corp for structures and a mining corp for my regular guys.

However, when we’re at war on the holdling corp, I have to move my miners over there because they’re also my best fighters, so it makes it hard to keep mining during wars (at least safely).

The thing that strikes me as most unfair about this is that the extended reinforcement period prior to taking the hull down is ostensibly so the defender can prepare a last ditch effort to save his station, but the ATTACKER shouldn’t need it and it allows him to (generally) attack without fear of loss of station IF he has more than one station (and remains war eligible after it falls) and IF he has ready allies waiting for the original defender to war-dec him to finish off what they started.

There is no way that a defender should be forced into that sort of compromising position to counterattack an aggressor in a war. Right now, without very good luck, it’s literally impossible to successfully counterattack in a high-sec war without opening yourself up to horrific consequences if the aggressor is counting on this mechanic and is prepared to smack you down hard after.

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You can use any drone boat and put lasers on it and use t1 crystals, no ammo cost unless you lose the drone or ship. My domi with pulse lasers gets 1300 dps.

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Not sure what you found insulting or arrogant or aggressive or representative of jealousy in my post.

We weren’t the aggressors, I didn’t attack anyone by name and was careful to keep names out of it, neither myself nor my partner are poor (space or otherwise), and while I presented my points forcefully, I don’t think they represented “arrogance” so much as “certainty” (certainly wrong in two cases, but based on the latest support article regarding war).

The fact that I DIDN’T know how to solve this is why I came here - to test my knowledge of the system and be challenged on that if I was wrong (and as I said, I was).

You have my apologies if what I said came across as something hurtful.

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Dont appolgize, hes a troll that wants every one else to feel bad to make himself feel good.

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Just throwing a little shade at him, Dao. Veiled “awww, the poor snowflake” bit there.

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I think AG was responding to Solstice.

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