Defensive Counterattack in Hi-Sec Wars

Here’s the scenario:

Some jackhole wardecs any mining corp he can who dares mine HIS high-sec ice field so he can attack their ships freely.

That’s not hypothetical, but I’m not naming names just now.

This guy tried it with the alliance my structure holding corp is in and . . . let’s say we don’t intimidate well.

We counterattacked his home station within 3 minutes of war going live and had him down to armor in about 2.5 hours.

We waited out the timer and hit him the next day and got him down to hull in about two more hours.

The reinforcement period for taking out his hull, however, extended beyond the end of the war.

I know there are things we can do to fully prosecute the war to its conclusion, but a) they’re expensive and b) they open the original defender corp/alliance to massive risk.

The whole point of that days-long final reinforcement period is so the defending corporation can gather allies if needed and actually put up a defense, but the AGGRESSOR should not get that much time.

Plainly put, the corporations out there exploiting this are doing so KNOWING they can’t be taken down without a return war-dec and anyone doing that exposes themselves tremendously - the original attacker can now bring in allies freely, for one thing, and there is a substantial cost to war-dec’ing him in the first place.

What needs to happen is that for the aggressor in a high-sec war, the final reinforcement period needs to be in line with the timer for shield to armor.

That would put an end to this bullying nonsense riki-freaking-tik.

If they want to ACTUALLY fight a war, they’ll be prepared anyway.

If they’re just using an exploit in the CCP timer rules to intimidate other players away from what they think of as “their” areas, they’ll have to spend resources to protect their own stations.

But they won’t be able to freely wardec and wardec and wardec dozens or hundreds of corporations (this one we were dealing with had more than a hundred in the past twelve months) as a form of CCP sponsored intimidation.

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