Proposal for Upwell structures, corps, and highsec

(Tipa Riot) #1

Status quo … potential attackers are unhappy with the long timers totally in favor of the defender and defenders are unhappy with crippled defense options. Here is a proposal to balance both iterating what I promoted back in the old forum …

… introduce a new corp mode which gives up the crappy wardec mechanics but makes corp members and assets attack-able by everyone in highsec anytime, but with mechanics similar to lowsec. Means, the attacker gets suspect flag, both parties a limited engagement, and gate guns come to aid. The flagging gives the chance for third parties to interfere on the side of the defender and promises some nice action and bait options.

… additionally the timers of assets will be changed so, that assets are always vulnerable but enter a reinforcement timer chosen by the defender (who decides when the defense action happens).

What do you think?

(William Ormono) #2

It kind of sounds like you’re just describing Low Sec…

If corp members (read: everybody) can be attacked by everyone else at any time, what value would suspect flags and limited engagement timers have?

(Tipa Riot) #3

Not everybody, only player corp members, and the mode can be an option not the norm. The suspect flag is for the attacker not the defender, and offers a third party risk in exchange to free engagement (if the safety is at least yellow). Podding can remain a criminal act (with Concord intervention in highsec), it’s not relevant for my proposal.