More questions re: Suspect Timer and Limited Engagements

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If someone gets a ‘Suspect Flag’ in high security space (0.5 and above), and I attack them we’ve now entered a ‘Limited Engagement’ – if the Suspect I attacked has Fleet members waiting in the wings to assist, and they (the Suspect’s Fleet members) attack me directly they would get a Criminal Flag or a Suspect Flag? If they repair the one I’ve attacked they’d get a Suspect Flag, correct? Just unsure what the consequences to them would be if they attack me directly, after I’ve attacked the one with the ‘Suspect Flag’?

Thank you.

(Tipa Riot) #2

In highsec they will suffer from Concord destroying their ships. However as you mentioned they can help their buddy with remote reps by cost of going suspect too.

This makes a common suspect bait trap, as logistics can easily be placed out of range of your weapons.

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Thank you.

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This might help:

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