HS engagement rules ? Limited engagement?

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I do not PvP much these days and when I do its in LS / NS, but on occasion I get into it in HS in particular when running some of the event sites and whatnot with new players. I am unclear on what specific actions and mechanics trigger and make up the whole “Limited Engagement” status and how teamplay comes into this.

So, if I am in same party as another player, and that player gets suspect from looting a can thats not his/hers for example, and then gets shot at by the cans owner. Will I have limited engagement rights on that owner just by being in his/hers party ?

What about running a remote rep or remote booster on them ? Will that give me limited engagement ? Will that turn me suspect or get me Concordokken ? What if I were to just use a command ship and just buff them ?

Or what if the newbro is actually managing to hold out long enough for me to complete warp to him and I decide to help ? What exactly can I do before I turn suspect and before I get myself Concorded ?

I am very unclear on what will give me limited engagement, suspect, and get me Concordokken in these types of scenarios.

Only thing I do know is that I get a “limited enagement” thingy when I shoot someone else that is already a suspect. Not sure when else.

If you set your safeties to yellow you do not need to worry about concord as you cannot commit any action that calls concord.

You get a suspect timer if you loot a can and if the owner of the can attacks you, both of you have a limited engagement timer. Any one can attack you because of the suspect but the can owner can only be attacked by you. Another way to get a limited engagement is via a duel request.

If a logistics repairs a suspect target or party in a limited engagement, they get a suspect timer.

No, you do not get a suspect flag for being in the same fleet or corp with the guy who stole the loot. You would have to steal loot as well to get a suspect flag. Supporting the looter, however, should give you a suspect flag.


If you rep a guy who’s involved in a limited engagement with somebody else you’re going to go suspect. No change in limited engagement until someone shoots you, then you get fresh limited engagements with anyone who shoots you.

No worries, you’ll be fine.

You can only provide boosts or bumps without endangering yourself. If you rep the guy you go suspect. If you shoot his opponent you get concorded.

Limited engagement basically means “one of you shot at the other one, so you can do so again within 5 mins of last combat”.

Thanks, that clears things up a bit. But it kinda sucks because teaming up to help is basically useless. Only thing I could do is buff / rep I can’t damage the guy killing a party member unless he switches targets to me or Concord will shoot me.

What about just using scramblers, webs, neuts, damps or ECM but without causing any damage ? Will that also get me shot by Concord or will it just turn me suspect ?

Scramblers, webs, neuts, damps, and ECM still operate under the same rules as weapons, and will get you flagged criminal in highsec in exactly the same way.

Wow, this sucks. So in HS there is really no way I can help someone out other then reps and buffs. I don’t care if it gets me suspect, but I do care if I get blown up by Concord since the ships I would do it in would be a bit too expensive to be disposable I would not be able to keep it up on regular basis.

Not unless the target triggers crimewatch, or you can convince/trick the target into firing on you. Once you have a limited engagement, you can change ships and keep that engagement so long as your timer doesn’t run down. If bumping can be made to apply, then that is also an option. There is no provision made for being in the same fleet.

That I can tell, limited engagements are how the right to return fire is applied. If someone is -5 sec status or suspect and is shot by a regular citizen with normal sec status and no crimewatch flag, they would ordinarily be concorded for firing on a ship. The limited engagement generated when the low sec status/suspect ship is fired on allows it to defend itself.

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